About us

Every woman has a story to tell. The story of her life with hurdles of society, shackles of family and own willpower and strength to overcome any circumstance.

We at ‘WOMEN OF COURAGE’ aim to spread positivity and inspiration. The courage lies within us. We ourselves have the power to empower us. We are only trying to make women realise their inner strengths. The stories we share give other women a sense of determination. We share smiles. We share hopes. And therefore we create happiness with uniqueness.

When it comes to empowering women, we believe women are far superior to men. And so sharing women’s pride and success gives encouragement to others. Story of entrepreneurship, story of ambition, the story of turning a dream into reality. No more is the woman engaged only with household chores.

Today’s women is a free bird. She inspires others and live up to her aspirations. Believing in herself and taking the flight towards her destination, is the Woman Of Courage.

Share your story with us. Stay inspired. Stay motivated. And inspire and motivate other women.

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