The 66-year-old Retired Principal, Soumini Srinivas is Inspiring Women to join the Billiards and Snooker Club.

15 December 2018

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If you have a strong urge and willingness to do something, then nothing could stop you in this world from achieving that. Meet the 66-year-old Soumini Srinivas who is an experienced Billiards and Snooker player and a retired principal of a primary school. What interests us about Soumini is that her passion for indoor games like Billiards and Snooker and her devotion towards the sport.

Soumini started playing Billiards and Snooker since 1998 when she was 46 years old. She was very much inspired by the game which drew her interest towards it. Her husband too was interested in the game and both of them went together for playing the game.

She was the winner in State level in 3 Billiards and 2 Snooker Tournaments and 8 times Runner-up, in Cuesports. In the Nationals, she was 8 a Quarter-finalist in both events. In 2003, she participated in the Quarters of World Women’s Billiard and Snooker (WBSF), in Sheffield, in the UK. In November 2018, at the TNBSA biannual AGM and Elections to the Executive Committee (12- Members), she has been unanimously elected as the President, for the year 2018-20.

The association is affiliated to the Billiards Snookers Federation of India which conducts the nationals. Playing this type of indoor game became an eye-opener for other women as they could also take part in the sport.

She says, “Focus and drive”

“Focus and drive are the key ingredients that I bring to the TABLE, in any endeavour that I embark on. If I have been nominated to Tamil Nadu Billiards and Snooker Association as its incoming President unanimously, I put my heart and soul into any project that I undertake and try to work around all obstacles.”


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Soumini was born in a small village of Andhra but she completed her education in Bombay. After schooling, she came to Chennai for her college. She was the Asst. Professor of Economics in a leading college for women in Chennai. Teaching has always remained her passion which prompted her to start a Kindergarten & Primary school, where she was the principal for 24 years. She is also a primary educational consultant.

While she was at the peak of her career, she left her job as she devoted herself to her family for a few years. She believed that family comes first and then career and that is the reason why she devoted few years of her life to her family by raising her children, taking care of her in-laws and husband like every dutiful housewife.

Her experience as a teacher and as a professor was extremely beautiful and memorable. She loved teaching students in both college and school. The parents of the students were like a family to her. She was involved in all sorts of co-curricular activities with the children; like taking them to the picnic, helping them in their projects and so on. The parents appreciated her efforts which filled her with immense happiness and positivity.

She also invested as a stockbroker. She was a long-term and short-term Speculative Investor, dabbling in stocks and shares for 20 years. This made her even more independent. Her dreams changed over years, as she became a lecturer, then a school teacher and principal and then a sportsperson. While she was young, she was involved in various types of sports which have kept the spirit of sportsmanship still alive in her.


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The association for which she plays has 400 male members and only 4 women members who occasionally come to play, especially at tournaments. But Soumini visits regularly to develop the sport from its grassroots level. Even children are participating in the game in the national tournaments.

Playing tournaments give her satisfaction and make her happy even she does not win the game. She is one of the oldest members playing since the last 20 years. She is happy to be a service towards the sport. She is also an organic gardening enthusiast. She grows vegetables and exotic flowers. She even loves travelling and has travelled most of the global regions over the years.

Soumini is also a corporate director in two companies, one French and an American company. For both these companies, she has tried to increase the women employment. Almost 40% of recruits are women. According to her, women empowerment should come from within. Nobody can force you to empower the women. She believes that indulging in a different type of activities helps in empowering the women.

Her life mantra is “Be satisfied and happy”.

Her message to the womenfolk: “It should be your family first”.

Soumini is a woman of courage as she gained a strong position in the gaming world of men. Her interest in the game of Billiards and Snooker has encouraged other people to join the game which shows how motivating the talented lady is.


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