Miss Deaf Asia 2018, Nishtha Dudeja is Inspiring others to Explore their Hidden Talents

6 December 2018

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Life is not a bed of roses. We all know that and feel that in every step of our life. But life is even difficult for those who are unable to express themselves verbally; whose world is totally immersed into the dark sea of silence. Salute to those determined deaf and mute individuals who dare to stand shoulder to shoulder with a normal individual and fight for their own existence.

Nishtha Dudeja, the multi-talented girl from Haryana has been constantly battling to achieve her goals. Although being hearing impaired with 100% disability individual, Nishtha always indulged herself in different sports activities. She is both a judo and tennis expert. Since the age of 7, she started playing judo on her mother’s encouragement and went on winning many medals at State and National levels.

At the age of 12, she began playing Tennis and went on to represent India in the international level, including Deaflympics 2013 (Bulgaria), World Deaf Tennis Championship 2015 (UK) and Deaflympics 2017 (Turkey).

Nishtha was born in Ghaziabad, in the year 1995. Tragedy struck her parents when they discovered that she could not speak until the age of two. She was three years of years when the doctors declared after the BERA test that she had both speech and hearing disability. With utter disbelief and shock, her parents were unable to accept the fact for many days. But they didn’t lose hope and went on to try their level best in regaining Nishtha’s speech ability.


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Her parents took her for speech therapy coaching at the age of three along with the usage of hearing aids. Developing her speaking ability was a difficult challenge for her parents, especially for her mother. After the advice of the speech therapist, she was admitted to a normal school and not to any special school.

This was a major challenge for Nishtha’s parents to help their daughter lead a normal life. They ensured that Nishtha completed her education, unlike other kids. She completed her B. Com from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University and is currently pursuing her MA in Economics from Mithibai College, Mumbai.

Nishtha’s self-motivation and determination have led her to the path of success. Her talent set not only laid with sports but also in other activities. Life took another turn for Nishtha when she suffered the worst kind of jaw pain which made her drop the idea of playing tennis forever. Her tenure for tennis ended soon after playing the Deaflympics 2017. It took Nishtha much time from coming out of the ugly fact that she could not play tennis ever.

When life snatches something from you, then it gives you back with something to live with. Nishtha soon found her interest in participating in the beauty pageants. With the wholehearted support of her parents, Nishtha went on to participate in the Miss Deaf India Pageant 2018.

She became Miss Deaf India 2018 and was nominated to represent India in Miss and Mister Deaf World 2018 Pageant. In the 18th edition of this pageant held in Prague, Czech Republic, she won Miss Deaf Asia 2018 Crown.

Nishtha is the first Indian to achieve this prestigious title and the fact remains one of her biggest lifetime achievements.


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In Nishtha’s words, “I have no words to explain the feeling I had when I saw the shine in the eyes of my parents, as they were watching the Pageant live in Prague when the judges announced “India….” for the winner of Miss Deaf Asia. The fact that I am the first Indian to win any title at Miss Deaf World Pageant is still sinking in me.”

Nishtha not only made her family proud but also the country. Throughout her journey, her family remained her greatest support. She credits the reason for her success to being the dedication, patience, and support of her family.

Empowering girl child by safeguarding the rights of women is what Nishtha wants the society to do. She believes that women empowerment could be achieved only if the society is free from all the vices and atrocities that are carried out against women.

Her life mantra is “Always listen to your heart and have good intentions. Never break your promise.”

Being a girl of strong willpower and determination, Nishtha has never given up or stopped learning. She urges the youth of the day to keep on working with patience along with exploring better ideas. Life teaches us new lessons in every step and Nishtha strongly believes that people should learn from those lessons and strive to do something better.

Being hearing impaired with 100% disability person, Nishtha did more than a normal person could do or achieve. This is not only the fact that makes her a woman of courage, but her morals of not accepting anything wrong and standing up for the right thing indeed makes her a courageous woman.


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