Losing her Loved ones Consequently and Getting Afflicted with Cancer- Jyoti Joshi, a Successful Anchor Endured all the Pains.

20 December 2018


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When we lose our loved ones, we break down, become inconsolable and get submerged into the deep sea of grief. It becomes very hard to come back to normal life. But what if life seizes all the special persons of our lives one by one? Well, just a mere imagination about this gives us goosebumps. However, Jyoti Joshi is living that painful life, bearing the unendurable losses.

Jyoti stays in Jaipur and works for the Rajasthan government as a coordinating officer. She was born in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Her husband was a scientist. She is highly influenced by her uncle-in-law. She completed her education in MSc ‘Zoology’. Next, she did post-graduation in Sociology. She was a gold medalist in sociology and topped the university. She also did PhD in sociology and her subject was criminal tribes on which she did her research work.

Life was going well after marriage but her married life was short-lived. Soon after her marriage, her younger brother passed away due to a brain tumour. Motherhood embraced Jyoti as she was blessed with a son. Next, she gave birth to a daughter. Happiness doubled for Jyoti but destiny wanted something else. Grief groped her when her husband soon passed away while her daughter was just 20 days old. Her son was then four-year-old. Life has been very unjust and painful for Jyoti. She was once again shaken when her son, who was just 16 years of age, died in an accident.

One of the best things about Jyoti was that she never learned to break down. Her heart was aching with pain, but she never let the world knew about the pain that she was bearing. She started her career with anchoring which she began in the year 1998 and till date, she has remained a successful anchor.


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She has remained a popular anchor throughout the years in Rajasthan. She is invited in all the programs that are arranged for official functions including the functions of the Governors, Chief Minister, Prime Minister, and the President. She has also anchored the Commonwealth. She is one of the most respected anchors in the entire North Indian region. Till today she has anchored more than 500 big events.

Although life snatched the support systems of her life, she is thankful to God for having blessed her with a doting sister. She is indebted to the love and care of her sister who took care of her daughter and consoled and guided her in every step of life. Her strongest support system was her uncle-in-law and her sister Sandhya.  Jyoti’s sister never got married just to take care of her and her daughter.

Jyoti also mentions a poetry book named “Pighla Hua Man” which has been quite popular. The book is a collection of beautiful poems which has been intensely loved and appreciated by the readers. The papers used in the book are recycled papers.

Few words from her book “Pighla Hua Man”


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Her hobbies include gardening and decorating her home. In fact, she has the most beautiful garden in her neighbourhood.

In the year 2014, she was attacked by breast cancer. When detected, she was already in 3rd stage breast cancer. Her treatment immediately began in Mumbai. She maintained a very good relationship with her doctors and she has even anchored the international conferences of breast cancer, haematology, and others. She has been also deputed as a social scientist of one of the famous cancer hospitals namely Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer Research Hospital in Jaipur.

Jyoti had to undergo 8 chemotherapy. She even counsels the cancer patients of the same hospital. She has very much involved in the field of cancer doing conferences and counselling sessions.

Jyoti was extremely depressed for a few days when she learned about her disease. She couldn’t believe her fate that even after so many losses she had to face this dreadful disease even. But with the support of her sister and belief in the Almighty, Jyoti took the disease positively and started living a normal life with a positive spirit.


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With her deadly disease and deteriorating health, she continued with her programs. With rigorous chemotherapies, she balanced her physical appearance, health, and her shows.

Nobody could understand that she was a cancer patient. She is also currently the visiting faculty of Rajasthan Police and does programs for them.

Hard times are a part of life. Most of the time, we can see the difficulties with our bare eyes but there are lots whose difficulties are not visible. Her only advice to boost oneself up during a hard time is keeping a hobby or passion which helps you to forget that pain or difficulty. This is also her life mantra.

According to Jyoti, “Suffering from cancer made me stronger. Cancer taught me the strictest lesson of life. The disease taught me to be patient.”

Fighting with all the consequent difficulties in her life made her a woman of courage. These difficulties made her an extraordinary woman, where she realized her life goals. We salute the brave lady who despite losing her brother, husband and son; one after another, inspires others to live a better life.



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