Empowering the Impoverished Children, Raashi Anand’s Lakshyam has touched Thousands of Lives.

20 November 2018

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Every other individual has his or her pre-set goals in their lives. Even if most of the goals remain unfulfilled, but the optimistic people find their way to reach for their goal. One such exemplary person is Raashi Anand whose NGO Lakshyam is working to enhance the lives of the deprived children in order to make society a better place to live in.

When it is a high time to think about one’s career or settling down in life, Raashi took the bold step of serving the society. Raashi was born and brought up in Ranchi. She was the younger spoilt child of the family. As a child, she was very much attached to the children and animals. She always knew that she wanted to do something for their welfare. She completed her graduation from Delhi and completed her post-graduation in Advertising and Event Management.

While she was in Delhi, she used to see kids begging on the roads and at the traffic signal. She even noticed the poor children playing with empty, broken plastic bottles. She felt extremely sad by seeing the poor kids making toys out of the trash. This pined Raashi and then she began collecting toys from family and friends. She also approached private schools in Ashok Vihar.

On her request, announcements were made in the school assemblies where the children were requested to drop their unused books and toys. With great support from various private schools, Raashi got the opportunity to help the poor kids and, in this way, Lakshyam was formed.


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Although Raashi started working from 2010 Lakshyam was structured in the year 2012. The initial struggle that she faced was convincing the parents about the need to let their children study. She went on to ask the parents that why are they resorting their children to begging? She was shocked when the parents demanded that she should pay their children 50 Rs; after which they would allow their children to study. The parents are not ready to compromise with the time when the children earn.

Raashi was even more shocked when she came to know about the drugs that the parents or often the so-called employers give these children. These drugs are sold in the small shops which we most of us are totally unaware of. The drugs keep the body of the children warm. They do not feel cold during winters and stay in the open air without any clothes in their body. This is a kind of strategy which attracts the sympathy of the passerby.

In this way, they gain the sympathy of the people and earn more money. These drugs even kill the appetite of the children and they don’t even feel hungry. In this way, the children are dropped into the begging trade either by their parents or by the people for whom these children work for. After knowing all this, Raashi ensured that she would do her level best to end such malpractices that is not only harming the children’s health but are also destroying their future.


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When asked about the reason behind the name Lakshyam, Raashi said that her mother, Poonam Anand was also a social activist and she ran a centre called “Lakshya”. Raashi went on to enhance the organization by giving it the name ‘Lakshyam’.

Currently, Lakshyam has total 15 members with a talented team of supervisors, the board of directors and advisors. Also, they have volunteers and interns who are their support systems. Lakshyam has also been supported by all the celebrated personalities.

Till date, she has received 29 awards for her social works. Seeing the children smile is what makes Raashi happy. It keeps her motivated during hard times and she considers this to be her proudest achievements. She has now formed a special connection with each and every child at her NGO. She further plans to scale and grow Lakshyam. Currently, they are mostly depended on the donors, but she wants to start entrepreneurship so that her team does not have to remain depending on the donors.


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Her father, mother, and husband are her greatest support systems, especially her parents who supported her in Lakshyam. Her mother is her role model. She is the one who made her a self-independent woman and the lady behind ‘Lakshyam’.

Her life mantra is, “Be fit and healthy.”

Raashi deeply feels that people should start changing themselves and their surroundings before making a bigger change.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world”– Raashi always stands by this quote.

Raashi made the bold move and stepped out of her home with an aim to help the impoverished children. She did everything on her own with no eventual funding; starting with marketing, counselling, surveying, visiting the nearby slums to teaching the children- everything was done single-handedly by Raashi herself. Doing something for the society at the age of 18-19 years where most of the youth would not even think of doing the same makes Raashi a woman of courage.


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