Krupa Lodhiya- India’s First International Wheelchair Dancer, Encouraging the Disabled to identify their Inner Talent.

21 November 2018

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Accidental disability is even worse than the natal disability. Often, it becomes unacceptable and a painful reality for few but there is some who learn to accept the fact by challenging their disability. Our today’s story is about Krupa Lodhiya, the Braveheart from Porbandar, Gujarat who survived a fatal accident but lost the functionality of her hands and legs. With awards like Porbandar Gaurav Award 2018 –The Pride of Porbandar and Humanity Achievement Award 2018, in her kitty, Krupa is a differently abled dancer, actor and a model.

“My disability is my pride”– in Krupa’s words.

Krupa is proud of who she is today and narrates the tragic accident of her life when she was two years old. It was her birthday when she and her family went out for a celebration. Her father was drunk as he was driving and as fate would have it, the car met with an accident.

One of the saddest things for Krupa is that her father left her soon after the accident which still pines her a lot. This was the time when she and her mother required the support of her father, but he chose to turn away from them. Soon after the accident, her parents got divorced which had a great mental impact on Krupa.


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The accident fatally injured her both lower and upper limbs thus making it immovable. For 10-12 years she was on a bed rest as she faced difficulties in moving. During this phase, Krupa learned painting and did small household chores. Also, she completed her studies and also went to college.

With the passage of time, Krupa’s left upper and lower limbs started showing some movement. She started walking by taking the support of the wall. Although Krupa’s hands and legs show little or no movement, still she never gave up her passion for dancing. She is a dancer and also India’s first international wheelchair dancer.

After her she completed her education, she got an offer for a music album. She also got modelling offers and did fashion events and even participated in the Miss India contest, where she became the fourth runner-up. She was even the participant of the much popular TV reality show “India’s Got Talent” in Kuwait.

She even got offers for acting but she refused it as she thought that people would judge her with a sympathetic eye. But she was encouraged for acting when she learned about disabled artists like Sudha Chandran who is not only an actor but also a popular dancer. Sudha Chandran remains her inspiration. She even performed before her in India’s Got Talent (Kuwait).

Speaking about motivation, Krupa says that nobody motivates the disabled. The disabled stand for themselves and are self-motivated. She believes that confidence lies in one’s inner self. One just needs to find that inner confidence in order to get self-motivated.


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Krupa also holds strong views about women empowerment. According to her women empowerment comes only if women speak out their issues in front of society. She wants that women who have a story or issue to share must be supported by different social media platforms as a woman cannot single-handedly share and spread her story to the masses. She needs a platform, a strong support to raise her voice, to share her own story.

Krupa is currently looking for better opportunities. She is ready to accept all the challenges now and wants to explore and experience the horizons. For her future, she plans to venture into the world of acting. She wishes to enter Bollywood. She wants to show the world that a disabled person can also achieve their goal. In this entire journey, her greatest support system was her mother.

Krupa says, “I have risen above my physicality and pretty much gotten over all my fears now”.

Accepting her disability and recognizing her inner talent is what makes Krupa a Woman of Courage. Most often she sees the disabled people begging on the roads for their living. Her only message to the disabled community is that people should realize their talents and start working on it instead of begging. What a normal person could do, a disabled person could also do the same.



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