A Victim of a Road Accident, Dr Divya Singh Awes Us with her Determination by Serving the Society.

9 November 2018



Nothing could be more tragic than meeting with a dreadful accident. Accidents are so unpredictable. It not only changes the victim’s life but also changes their mental strength too. In either way, they lose all the hopes from their life or else they find a new ray of hope to start living with. However, it depends on how the individual is able to handle the tragic memories of their lives.

Dr Divya Singh faced such tragic accident which transformed her life completely. The lady from Siwan district, Bihar comes from a medical background. She first completed her MBBS, then MD paediatrics, later on, a fellowship in the pediatric critical care. She was persistently moving on in her career and had many plans until the accident changed her life forever.

The tragic accident happened in the year 2013, in the month of December. The accident occurred in an early foggy morning which left her with multiple injuries. Her car was rammed by a bus somewhere between the Delhi-Agra highway. She recalls the horror of the accident when her senses became numb and she couldn’t feel her arm.

Divya was unaware of the fact of who carried her to the hospital and what happened with her thereafter. She was being treated at AIIMS medical Centre and the only thing that she could remember was moving an ambulance van, drip on the side and an attendant, blue curtains and a sense of danger that mingled within her constantly.




For Divya, her father has remained one of the most influential persons of her life. She recalls the day of the accident when she was taken to the hospital and the conversation that she has with her father over the phone. Her father coaxed her by saying, “I won’t let u die, beta. Stay strong.” These words constantly echoed in her ears for few seconds until she lost her consciousness.

At AIIMS, she was informed about the spinal cord injury that she received during the accident. Her cervical and the thoracic cord was critically injured and was immediately operated with an implant in her neck. She also received stitches over her face, forehead, and inner mouth. She laid in the ICU unconscious for several days.

After spending almost six long months in the hospitals under the care of hospital staff, doctors and nurses, Divya’s life changed completely. At that time, her greatest supports were her father and brother. With the support of her family, she got the strength to fight against all the odds. During her stay at the hospital, she utilized her time by painting which gave her a new passion to survive.

Soon after she was discharged from the hospital, Divya was provided with a motorized wheelchair. In such situation, most of us would have lost the hope of living or most probably would have felt terribly helpless, but Divya showed the courage of rebuilding her lost confidence, even after the doctor said that she won’t be able to live a normal life. With the help of this wheelchair, she did her day to day activities which helped her to overcome her stress. Today she is living happily and pursuing her career, both as an artist and as a doctor.




Apart from her being involved in her profession, she is also engaged in various social services. She helps the disabled children and also the needy ones. For her contributions towards the society, she was bestowed with the “Aparajita Award” by the governor.

Being wheelchair bounded, Divya understood and felt the pain of the disabled people. She urges the society not to show sympathy towards the disabled but to help them with their needs. For example, she wants the wheelchairs to be made accessible to all the disables. According to her, disability affects one’s body and no one’s mind and soul.

In her own words, Divya says, “Be an achiever and never regret anything. Because good times gives you happiness and worst makes you stronger!! Learn the lessons and move forward. There are better things on the other side of your fear, anger, and depression”.

Divya is someone from whom we can take inspiration of living life with self-determination and self-motivation. A dreamer and explorer by heart and nature, Divya was unstoppable until the tragic accident. She was a girl living life on her own terms and did whatever that made her happy.

With her inner strength of accepting the truth and going on to chase her dreams is what makes Divya a woman of courage. Her bold, courageous attitude to stay happy and keep on serving society shows the gutsy of Divya. By fighting against all the odds, Divya today is a happy soul and a successful physician. She is a true inspiration for all the women and especially to all the disabled persons.



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