A Muscular Dystrophy Patient, Neelu Jindal Sets the Best example of Willpower and Self-determination

30 October 2018

Neelu Jindal WOC Article


Living life with a consistent pain requires a lot of self-determination and motivation. Although we come across several people who inspire us with their motivational works, hardly some of us could feel their pain and the ordeals that they go through.

Neelu Jindal from Bulandshahr UP is one such woman who knows the art of living in spite of being in physical pain and difficulties all the time. Neelu suffers from muscular dystrophy since the age of 14-15 years. Muscular dystrophy is a kind of disease which causes weakness and even loss of muscle mass. Unfortunately, there has been no cure for muscular dystrophy till date but through proper therapy and medication; the symptoms of this disease could be managed to some extent.

Neelu is similarly handling the disease as she is completely depended on medications. Life has been always difficult for Neelu, but her determination to achieve something better in life keeps her moving.

At present, Neelu is trying to live a normal life by providing tuitions and preparing for the government sector jobs. Being a patient of muscular dystrophy, which is a rare kind of progressive muscle disorder; she is forced to stay home.

This disorder started showing up when she was a student. She was unable to climb stairs. She was unable to travel in public transportations like buses. Her parents always accompanied her, especially her father who ensured a complete education of his daughter.


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According to Neelu, she was lucky enough to get a good bunch of friends. Her friends were very helpful and supportive. They even helped her in carrying her bags and books to the classes. In this way, she completed her graduation, even after facing so much difficulty in her movement.

Neelu went to DAV Degree College where she completed her masters in English Literature. She also appeared for B.Ed. entrance test twice but was unable to clear it. She also applied in UPPSC for the post of English lecturer but as luck would have it, her admit card was cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances. But this didn’t stop her, and she kept on trying. She is still continuing to try and wishes to sit for the UPSESSB examination next. Even her doctors were surprised and amazed by her strong willpower and determination.

Her support system is her parents and she considers her mother to be her backbone. Apart from that, she is highly inspired by Sanjana Goel who is the president of the Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy, which is an NGO. After she joined as a volunteer in the NGO, she came to know the number of persons who were suffering from a similar muscle disease.

Life was once pointless for Neelu when she came to know that her suffering was incurable. She was broken both physically and mentally. Several people left by her side that she thought would support her during her hard times. But she was grateful enough to have her parents who motivated for leading a normal life.


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She has two messages for the society; one for her readers and other for her disabled friends. She says that people like her are also human and they should be given the right to equality and must be treated with equal esteem. And to her disabled friends, she says,

“Dare to dream and set goals and work hard to achieve it. Don’t accept your disability as a failure. Turn your disability into an opportunity. Disability is just 5%, we have 95% talent left with us.”

“Self-help is the best help.” Neelu highly believes in this proverb as she thinks that no one can help you unless you help yourself. Her life mantra is,

“Don’t waste your energy in something which cannot be changed, walk away from toxic people and hopeless situations.”

Although Neelu suffered a lot, she never lost hope which is one of her greatest qualities. She kept on working from home. She says that this hope would never die, and, in this way, she would keep on moving. Today, she is a 38-year-old woman who has the willingness to work with a positive attitude towards life. Her willingness to admit that there are areas of strength as well weakness in her disability describes her as a pure woman of courage.


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