How Garvita Gulhati founded “Why Waste?” and stood for the Social Cause of Saving Water

12 October 2018

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How many of us do really think about the amount of water we waste on a daily basis? Well, the truth is that most of us consider this to be a petty issue and so we do not take the matter seriously.

Our team feels very great to come across an 18-year-old young lady named Garvita Gulhati, who took the initiative of starting “Why Waste”; which was meant for the people to understand the value of natural resources like water.

This initiative began on World Environment day- 2015 when a presentation took place in her school. In this presentation, it was told that near about 14 million litres of water get wasted every day from different restaurants which shocked Garvita to such an extent that she instantly thought of doing something.

She realized that India has always faced the issue of water crisis because of which millions of livelihoods are under threat. And this is how the initiative “Why Waste” started.

Garvita shares while talking to WOC that they initially began by visiting different restaurants and tried explaining its owners the importance of saving water. Although most of the restaurants did not cooperate with them, she and her team still managed to reach out to several people. They advised the

restaurants to apply the half-glass water technique to ensure that the maximum amount of water could be saved.

Their motto was, “Let’s save the world, half glass at a time.”


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She strongly believes that people should use natural resources like water as per their requirements not according to their wants.

Being born and brought up in Indore, Garvita tells us that she always did what actually made her happy. She considers herself to be lucky enough to have a supporting and motivating family. She also tells us the biggest decision that she made in her academic line. Although she wanted to be an architect with time she realized that she was not meant for it and therefore, she went on to study engineering. Currently, Garvita is pursuing from Bengaluru.

For Garvita, it was really very difficult to make people understand the importance of saving water. The entire thing was a learning process for her as she failed and also learned. She has a team of four members who have been very much supportive towards her initiative.


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She along with her team started conducting workshops and used the social media for spreading an idea of conserving and protecting water resources. Slowly, their work started gaining recognition from various organizations. One of her team members, named Pranav even created a gadget that measures the pollution level of water.

One of Garvita’s greatest achievements that she shares with us is that she won the title of ‘Global Changemaker’ this year. She is only proud Indian amongst 60 other people from 42 global regions to win this title.

This youth programme is specifically meant for the budding social activists and entrepreneurs and that she came to know about it through the WhatsApp platform. Regarding this programme, Garvita says that,

“I am excited to be part of the Global Changemakers network and it’s a great opportunity for me to learn from other young changemakers from across the world and bring back those learnings to inspire the youth of our country. My vision is to inspire every young person in my country to contribute in creating a change.”


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Garvita was very much stressed as the application process was really difficult. However, she made it and she is very much thankful to be a part of this wonderful opportunity.

Going on with the flow of life, Garvita tries to inspire people around her. She has two life mantras which inspire us to live life on our own terms,

“Don’t think, just do.” And “Work hard, even if there is no hope.”

Garvita is a true woman of courage as she always did what she wanted to do. She was even invited to speak from various business giants. According to her, it takes a lot of courage to believe in yourself and go for the shot without thinking about the outcome.

She urges the youngsters to support social causes like this by trying to make a society a better place to live in.

Garvita, we are really proud of your achievements and also glad to be a part of your social cause.



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