Divya Sharma- a Visually Impaired Woman Gifted with Multiple Talents

9 October 2018



Life gives us a set of challenges that we need to face every day. We often give up when we presume the difficulties of those challenges, but did we ever think that how difficult it must be for the people with disability to cope up with these challenges of life. Our team came across Divya Sharma who is a visually impaired lady with 20% vision in one eye after five major operations.

Being born and raised in Naya Nangal, Punjab; Divya always did what she aimed for. Since the age of three and half years, Divya faced several challenges. She was rejected from her school after the seventh standard when the authorities came to know that she was visually impaired. It was really a shocking situation for her as she could not go to regular school, unlike other children. She had to pursue her education till post-graduation in correspondence.

After struggling with visual impairment for so many years, life came back to its regular flow when Divya came to know about the screen reader, software that is specifically meant for the visually impaired persons. These screen readers read everything that comes on the screen. Divya learned it on her own and now she uses screen readers (Assistive Technology) for working on the laptop.




Although being visually impaired, Divya is a multi-talented personality. Her list of achievements is vast. Divya has been associated with Radio Udaan since its first day and is a strong pillar of this station. Radio Udaan runs by the visually impaired persons and it is heard in more than 115 countries and the monthly listenership of station fluctuates between 20 to 30 thousand.

She is also a writer by profession and has also been working as a content writer since past two years. Apart from that she is a Karate expert and has attained five belts till now.

With a vision to alert the society, in the year 2015 she took an initiative to create awareness among students and faculty members about PWDs. She visited different schools and during those visits, she gave a demo about assistive technology or the screen readers along with explaining to them about the right to education which a disabled child is often denied of.

Apart from that Divya is also a blogger and even writes for magazines and newspapers. She is a singer, a guitarist and even a motivational speaker. She was invited for giving a motivational speech in the first International Film Festival for Persons with Disabilities in New Delhi in December 2015 where she shared the stage with some prominent personalities like Tom Alter.




Divya has even been felicitated with awards like Punjab State Award towards her contribution in the disability community. She has also received 7th NCPEDP-MphasiS Universal Award by Central Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment from Shri K P Gurjar at New Delhi.

One of the happiest memories of her life was when she sat for the first time in an examination, and that too during her 10th standard. She was assisted by a writer and she passed the exam by scoring 80% marks which were indeed a boost for her. She has zero regrets in her life and she leaves a message for our readers that one must learn to face the challenges, as challenges make one a better person. Her life mantra is,

“Always work on making a better version of yourself.”




She recalls the time when she faced discrimination from the society. Although she was discriminated she went on to do what she always wanted. What makes her a woman of courage is the fact she never learned to give up. Although she faced numerous difficulties, she always looked at the positive side of life.

We are extremely pleased to come across a multi-talented personality like Divya. You are a true inspiration for millions of people suffering visual impairment disability. We are really very proud of your achievements.



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