The Heroic Story of Deesha Gandhi, Who lost her three Family Members in a Tragic Accident and Fought like a Warrior throughout her Life.

16 October 2018

Deesha Gandhi WOC Article


You might have heard about several heroic stories of women, but this is not an ordinary one. Imagine a situation where accidentally you lost your near and dear ones suddenly. Most of us won’t be able to bear the thought of losing our family members. We would probably suffer a mental breakdown or get completely lost in despair. Something similar happened with Deesha Gandhi who lost three of her family members in a tragic accident. But the brave little girl was able to come out of the sorrow and fought like a warrior throughout her life.

Deesha was born in Mumbai in 1984 and her family shifted to Ahmadabad in the year 1993. Recalling the horrific doomsday of her life, she narrates us the entire ordeal of the massive accident. It was a beautiful day when her family thought of visiting the religious shrine of Nathdwara before they begin with the Gudi Padva (Marathi New Year) celebrations.

Her father was driving at a minimal speed on the narrow roads when suddenly a bus came and rammed into them. It was a massive accident and on the spot, she lost her father, younger brother, and grandmother. Deesha and her mother lost their consciousness and woke up directly at the hospital. Deesha was almost declared dead but she was saved and brought back to life when the nurse saw a little movement in her body.


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The saddest part of the terrible incident was that she and her mother were unaware of the deaths of the rest of the family members and they were told about it days later. They didn’t even get the time to mourn properly as Deesha’s condition was critical.

Till date, Deesha has undergone over 100 surgeries as she had multiple fractures. For further treatment, she was taken to Bombay where the doctors announced that it would take Deesha two to three years more to stand up at her own feet.

Deesha was about to be amputated but the amputation procedure didn’t happen as the medicines started working on Deesha. She returned back to Ahmadabad where she met another doctor who gave her the best treatment. She went under several medical procedures and used walking aids to manage her daily activities.

Deesha got married in the year 2013 and as soon as she became pregnant, one of the plates in her leg broke. Post the birth of her son, she underwent four surgeries. Now she has only one surgery left and hopes this to be the last one.

One of the greatest things about Deesha is that after facing so many troubles in her life, she has got that spirit of living. Although being bedridden she currently handles her HR consultant firm.


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In all these years, Deesha never sat at home thinking about her medical condition. She worked at call centres, managed her chocolate business. She was also a Business Development Manager in a corporate gifting company. She was also a teacher in a school. She did all with the support of her mother. It is her medical condition which kept her strong as she knew that she has to fight with it. Deesha says,

“I never stopped working and did everything possible.”

She believes that people should live with the hope of a better tomorrow. Bad times are just a small phase of one’s life. One should never break down or lose hope during such phases of life. Instead, they should find a better way of coming out of their sorrow.

Till now Deesha cries over little things which makes her easier forget the sorrow. She says, “Cry it out. That’s the only mantra.”

Deesha feels herself as a woman of courage when people take inspiration from her, of how she is still standing strong even after suffering so much. Deesha keeps on inspiring millions of women today who have lost hopes from their lives which indeed make her a daring soul.


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