Pursuing our Passion is what a Multi-skilled Lady Anupama Dalmia encourages us to do.

20 October 2018



Most of the millennial women today are unquestionably multi-skilled and multi-talented. Anupama Dalmia is one of those multi-talented women who has always ensured that she is up to her best. She is one of the country’s finest bloggers and what’s unusual about her is her willingness to pursue multiple passions with relentless fervor. We can surely take a leaf out of her book.

It’s not just that we don’t have enough time to spare for our interests and passions, but it is also the fear of unknown or self-doubts about the results of our endeavours which many of us struggle to overcome. However, Anupama overcame it all and went on to do what she always wanted from life.

Her mother has remained one of the most influential persons of her life throughout. Having been born in a traditionally patriarchal community, Anupama faced some amount of gender-based biases during her childhood but her parents ensured that she and her brother received an equal education. Her mother kept her away from all the societal stereotypes because of which she did not know about the gravity of gender inequality in our society until she ventured out for further studies. She completed engineering from Pune and MBA from Ahmedabad. Although she was born in Libya, she spent most of her childhood in Vishakhapatnam.

Anupama actively participated in various extracurricular activities during her school and college days. She always loved dancing and learnt classical dance forms during childhood. Her parents always encouraged her to pursue all her hobbies like dance, sports and other creative activities. According to Anupama, it is her parents’ constant encouragement and their wonderful upbringing which has made her an independent and strong woman today.

About this she says,

“My parents always encouraged me to pursue my passions. Those times were different of course as they wanted us to focus more on studies. I knew that after completing my education, I can choose to do whatever I wish to, and they would support me.”




Coming out of the shackles of the monotonous yet highly lucrative IT job at Infosys and choosing to follow her passions was quite a tough decision for Anupama. However, with the unflinching support from her husband, Vivek Barnwal, she went on to chase her dreams even though at that point, many thought it was a foolish decision. She was soaring in her corporate career, but she resigned because she wanted to do something more fulfilling and realized that a corporate job was not her true calling.

Some of her passions like dancing and writing always allowed her to vent her expressions and dig deep into her emotions. It was a different kind of freedom for her and she knew this is what she is made for.

Gradually, she took to dancing and writing at a professional level. She also started volunteering with NGOs and was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” award for her social service by a popular NGO based out of Hyderabad. Anupama started off with her blog (http://anupamadalmia.com), after the birth of her daughter. Even a breastfeeding infant on her lap couldn’t stop her from following her passions. She believes in giving more than a hundred percent to everything that she does and taking charge of her life completely. That is what she did because of which she has been able to establish herself in every sphere of her work. Today, she is a noted blogger, author and dance instructor. She also launched a cookery page for her mother ‘Tingle Your Taste Buds’ with the support of her husband which is an award-winning portal. She is a mentor who conducts creative writing and reading workshops and classes and is doing commendable work in this area too.

Donning multiple hats with a toddler to take care of is tough. But, she tries to be more organized to manage everything. She focuses on her daughter when she is around and tries to do most of her work when her daughter is at school or is sleeping. Also, she has an excellent support system in her husband and parents, because of which she is able to strike a balance between personal and professional life.




When her husband initially encouraged her to write, she thought no one would read her writings but to her surprise, the first article was very well received. This motivated her to write more and eventually, she went on to win several awards and contests. Today she has a large reader base and her debut e-book on Amazon “Aarohi” is also doing quite well.

Anupama is the proud recipient of the prestigious Orange Flower Award for Writing on Parenting in the year 2017 and for Personal Blogging Category (Runners Up) for her contributions in the year 2016. She is also the recipient of the coveted Lay Boss Award for “Best Blogger of the Year 2017”.

Although writing was something which she always loved doing since her childhood, professionally she took to writing two and half years back. She parallelly started freelancing. Teaching and mentoring are the main income sources for her apart from writing. But, she says that dance was and always will be her first love, above everything. Talking about her venture “Rhythms & Beats”, Anupama says that she wants to take it forward step by step and aims at doing bigger dance events and reaching out to more people.




Our woman of courage Anupama does not consider herself as a superwoman and this acceptance is the biggest accomplishment for her in a society which puts women, especially mothers on a pedestal. She believes that raising the next generation right is the key to a better world. Through her words, she has influenced the lives of many people which according to her is one of her most valued accomplishments.

Most of Anupama’s writings are women-centric. She writes extensively on different aspects of parenting and societal issues which she thinks are intertwined. Speaking about women empowerment, she says that it is not just related to having equal rights but it is also about the right to live your life by taking equal responsibilities. Anupama further adds,

“Society should do away with gender stereotyping. Women empowerment means the empowerment of the society because a society cannot progress if there is an imbalance in its equation. As I always say, feminism is not about women or for women. It is about fighting against injustice and inequality that prevails in our society irrespective of gender, class or sexuality.  It is all inclusive. ”

When we asked her about her motivation during hard times, she responded that dancing has proved to be very therapeutic for her always as it works like an outlet for her emotions. Also, the love and support from her students and friends keeps her motivated during tough times. Spending time in solitude or with loved ones is what Anupama likes to do in her spare time which she gets very little of.

“Passion gives you strength and courage. Follow your passion with conviction and honesty”– is her only life mantra.

Anupama’s ability to take her own decisions without getting bogged down by what society says and her willingness to follow her passion is what makes her a woman of courage. She listens only to her mind and heart because she wants to be responsible for whatever happens in her own life, be it good or bad.


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