Renu Vashistha – An Exemplary Human Trying Hard to Spread Happiness in the World Ridden with Darkness with PRASANG.

21 September 2018

WOC Renu Vashishtha Article


Renu Vashistha is one of those few remaining true preacher and believer in Happiness. In the fast-paced money crunching world, happiness is something we forget. Renu with her endeavour “PRASANG” is on route trying her best to spread this lost happiness.

56 years old Renu is M.A in Clinical Psychology with an additional B.Ed. She has also been conferred with a fellowship in the field of Education at the Lucknow Conference and has numerous papers published in the International Journal of Psychology and Educational Research.

Renu married to Mr Man Mohan Vashistha in 1990. Her early days were filled with joy and happiness in form of her two beautiful sons, Prasang and Manas Vashistha. Her family was complete with the blessings of the Almighty himself. There was nothing more to ask for.

Renu Vashistha believes that she has never had any regrets in life because she is always looking forward instead of the past.  Her belief in the fact that ‘this too shall pass’ is what helped her overcome the extremely sad and most shocking incidence of her life.


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Losing her elder son at a mere 21 years of age to Cardiac Arrest could have been an end to her life and her family’s too. However, utilizing all these pain and sadness, she worked hard to create something worthy of honouring her elder son’s memory.

A strong believer in the present, Renu has immense faith in her family and the Almighty. After the demise of her son Prasang Vashistha in 2012, Renu decided to devote herself in helping others in need. That is how “PRASANG Vashistha Charitable Trust” came into existence.

The Trust members currently include her husband, her younger son, 24 years old Manas Vashistha and herself. However, according to Renu, the trust could never have succeeded so well if there had not been enough support from friends and family and the Almighty himself.

When Renu is not busy with the day to day operation of PRASANG, she runs a consultancy named ‘Bakhal’ Pre School Curriculum Developers which provides curriculum and teachers training for Pre Schools. A proud mother and equally loving wife, Renu believes in the philosophy of looking beyond the imperfections of beauty and finding the true strength.


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She often thanks the Almighty for giving her enough moral boosts to come so far. Her life motto is very simple. It is exactly what she preaches at her Trust, “Be ‘PRASANG’, Be Joyous i.e. Positive, Responsible, Ambitious, Supportive, Abreast, Noble, and Generous.”

What makes Renu Vashistha a true Woman of Courage is her natural leadership quality and her immense faith in the positivity of life. She is single-handedly trying her best to spread happiness bit by bit amidst the world around her. In spite of all the odds around, she still considers Life as a beautiful and worth appreciating.

In Renu Vashistha’s own words, “Look beyond imperfections. Love everyone unconditionally and find the joy within.”


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