Neha Sonwalkar – a Single Mother who Dared to Follow her Passion for Biking.

27 September 2018

WOC Neha Sonwalkar Article


Going against the societal norms and choosing to excel in one’s passion, is something which very few people can do. Our team came across a similar individual who always strived to follow her passion for riding bikes, despite being a single mother.

Being born and brought up in Indore, Neha Sonwalkar lived in a joint family. Her father being the greatest supporter of her life was the District Commissioner, (Commercial Tax Department) of the region and he fondly used to say her,

“Tu hi to mera beta hai.”

In fact, Neha considers her father to be the most influential person in her life but the biggest supporter in her riding journey was Hemant Verma who was not only her riding partner but also a mentor.

It was Hemant Verma who encouraged her to ride bikes and today she is an expert rider just because of him. Neha started biking one and half year back and her passion for riding came from her father’s influence, although it was her dream too. Neha is a proud owner of the Royal Enfield Thunderbird bike and she loves riding it.


WOC Neha Sonwalkar Inside Article


While talking to WOC, Neha tells us how her passion for biking actually developed. It was not difficult for her to learn to ride as she knew car driving. She felt the instant connection between her and bikes and this is how she became an expert biker. She soon understood that she was meant for riding bikes which also later became an empowering experience for her.

Living in a very over-protective environment, Neha’s passion for riding bikes was not easily approved by her family members apart from her father. But with the passage of time, when they saw Neha’s passion for riding bikes, every other member of her family started appreciating and approving her talent.

She feels really very proud and happy when her father introduces her to others as a biker. The biggest achievement in her life was when she made a solo bike trip of 1800 km from Indore-Igatpuri-Ganeshpuri-Dahanu- Bordi-daman-Surat-Baroda and Indore. She was happy that she not only gained the limelight, but she was also able to motivate people whom she met.


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Neha recalls the happiest moment of her life being giving birth to her son which equals the same amount of happiness when she started riding a bike.

Even after a failed marriage, Neha never lost hope. Unlike other women, she didn’t sit home and cry at her destiny. Most of the women are unable to come out of the pain of their bad marriages but she was glad that she came out of it and today she feels proud to be a single mother of an 8-year-old son.

She fondly shares a memorable incident about her life when her son compared her life with Rani Laxmibai. There were tears of happiness in her eyes when her son called her the “Modern Age Rani Laxmibai”.

Therefore, whenever she feels low, she remembers her 8-year-old son’s biggest motivational words which keep her driving.


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In her spare time, Neha reads books. She now feels like a confident woman as she is now more open to the strangers.

Living with zero regrets, Neha strongly believes in three fundamental terms which have given her strength throughout. Those are- to forgive, to accept and to love.

Her life mantra is, “Liberate yourself every moment because once you start doing this, you will realize how beautiful the world is.”

Instead of regretting and mourning her broken married life, she followed her passion, took to riding bikes which made her feel liberated. She has even counseled several couples and saved their marriages from falling apart. Being an educator, she considers education to be a very important part of our lives.

In the end, she inspires us by saying that, “Live your life to the fullest. Whatever happens, happens for a reason.”

Being a highly positive person, Neha loves taking chances as she deeply trusts on her instincts which make her a true woman of courage. With each passing day, she strives to be a better person, a better human being.

We salute your spirit for living Neha. Keep riding, keep inspiring.



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