Fighting all the Odds, Muskan Rajani, a 19 YO Writer Inspires us to be Independent and Strong during Hard Times.

19 September 2018



As women, we need to confront several hardships in our lives. But with strong willpower and for the passion to do something we cope up with all the issues that create hindrance in our path to success. Here’s an inspiring story about Muskan Rajani- a 19-year-old woman with strong willpower.

Born and brought up in Indore, Muskan lost her mother at a tender age of 8 years. This was one of the turning points of her life as she lost one of the most important pillars of her life. For quite a long time she was ignorant of her mom’s passing and came to thought about it when one of her cousins uncovered the news to her. After hearing the news she went into a psychological trauma on the account of which she was hospitalized.

Talking about her father, she considers him to be one of the strongest pillars of his life. According to Muskan, her father has been one of the most influential people for her as after her mother’s death, he almost played the role of both mother and father to her and her brother.

Muskan also revealed that she started working from an early age of 15 years, where she started working as a social media manager for different cafes, gyms, and hotels in Indore. Working for her was not just earning money but also a passion to be an independent woman.




Muskan still misses her mother a lot and she is full of praises for her. She loves when people compare her with her mother. Talking about her mother she says that her mother was a selfless woman who would sacrifice everything for them. Muskan stills remember those initial years that she spent without her mother.

She fondly cherishes all the memories that she had with her mother. Muskan also talks about her bonding with her father and considers him to a super cool friend. She juggled both her education and work and to the University of Texas through her hard work and passion. But unfortunately, her father suffered a heart attack that turned everything upside down for her.




After struggling so much in her life, Muskan today is a successful editor and writer at InnerVoice. About her work she says,

“Being the kind of person who is always greedy for learning I wanted to do something and that is when I had decided to put my heart and soul to WittyFeed.  Today I write for and manage a property named InnerVoice.”

Her only regret in life is that she didn’t give enough importance to her mother when she was alive. In the end, she advises her readers to never give up and face all the challenges that come your way.

After facing so many troubles in her life she has learned never to give up which truly makes her a woman of courage. Her inspiring story teaches us not to lose hope during the worst times of our lives.

We salute Muskan for being a fighter and a woman of courage indeed. You are truly an inspiration for millions of women.


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