Monika Bhasin – A true Innovative Travel Genius, who gave Earn and Learn while you Travel a New meaning with GLYD.

13 September 2018

Monica Bhasin WOC Article


Monika Bhasin, the founder of GLYD, is no ordinary American NRI. We all love to travel, but turning the passion into a profession is not a task everyone can do easily. Monika changed the entire perspective of the statement “earn as you travel” with the innovative invention of the GLYD App.

A child of the 80’s era, Monika even as a kid had dreams of touching the sky. Though she wanted to be an astronaut, Monika went on to graduate in Biochem from Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

Like any other NRI kids, she followed the traditional route and took up a lucrative job as a scientist at Johnson and Johnson. However, she never forgot her calling and finally decided to quit the 7 figure safe position and try to do something that was different and in relation to her passion, Travel.

During her travel around the United States, Monika realized there was something missing. The lack of real human contact and understanding of the culture and people of the places she was visiting, that’s what made Monika rethink her travel plans. Monika Bhasin dared to think the unconventional and that is how GLYD was born in 2016.

The design plan of GLYD was very simple. The main goal of the website cum app was to allow locals of all the places worldwide explore their own cities and towns and post pictures, stories and spots to visit on the GLYD app.


Monica Bhasin WOC Inside Article


As more tourists and travellers explored the stories and photos, the local could assist them as guides and friends during their trips. This would help not only the traveller to understand the place far better but also help the GLYDr (as she liked to refer the local travel enthusiasts as) earn extra cash. The local GLYDr could even assist the interested traveller to plan their itinerary.

Not being a Tech expert or a regular Travel blogger was a huge obstacle for someone who was trying to create something different. She made an effort to take up extra classes and also research through the internet well before giving her idea a final image.

The proudest moment of her life finally came when the App went live and she got her first client. Monika sternly believes that GLYD is an authentic local experience for all travel enthusiasts who loves to know the place better. What motivates Monika to keep improving her App is the thought about the millions of people and destinations the app can help connect and explore along the way.

Her strongest support system during this entire period of struggle was her husband Puneet

Bhasin. According to Monika, the key to a harmonious personal and professional life is to know how to balance both well and know the boundaries.


Monica Bhasin WOC Inside Article1


As of now her kids includes the 5 and 9 years old dogs and GLYD. For someone who grew up in a tiny village in India that did not have any electricity, the journey to Los Angeles and setting up an App for the global population is a shocker in itself. This is what motivates

Monika to do better every day as she now understands how far her strength is.

Monika believes that there are no mistakes in life but rather only lessons to be learnt. What makes Monika a woman of Courage, is her ability to change her weaknesses and vulnerability into her strength and motivate others to do the same. She believes that women should empower other women to be better and to break the glass ceiling.

Monika Bhasin’s philosophy of life is in never giving up. Her final words of advice for all are

“Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”



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