Meet India’s Youngest Female Mountaineer Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru – a 16 YO gutsy force to be reckoned with!

8 September 2018

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Born on 2nd November, Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru is unlike any other 16 years old Indian girl. With a loving family of younger brother, father and mother who are Mental Health consultant and a Teacher respectively, Jaahnavi chose to be someone different than all the kids around her.

A Mountaineering and Adventure Sports enthusiast, she started accompanying her father for mountaineering at an extremely early age of 10 months old and at just 8 years of age, she started going on treacherous mountain routes alone professionally.

Though her experience with mountaineering began as a toddler, Jaahnavi went on to train under fitness coach Dronachaya Awardee, Nagapuri Ramesh sir alongside her father, to gain the professional expertise needed to start mountaineering formally for International summits through tough terrains.

Prejudice and comments always were a part of Jaahnavi’s growing years because it was not an acceptable scenario for most Indians to see a young child roaming around mountains and woods most of the time especially a girl. Many even went on to comment on her father and say things like “a mental doctor doing mental things”.

However, Jahhnavi’s love for the outdoors and her father’s zeal to support her helped her flourish further. Exploring the wilderness alongside her father at such a young age had opened up a new world to Jaahnavi.


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She now wanted to know and explore more. Being a female in a male-dominated sport was also often a source of comments and bias; however, by then Jaahnavi had learned that it is way better to simply not hear netizens at all.

Rigorous training and tours did not deter Jaahnavi from completing her education. Though at times, life was difficult and missing school became a common occurrence, her school and parents helped her complete her daily homework and exams without much hindrance. This resulted in Jaahnavi completing her 10th standard under IGSCE board with flying colours. She along with the support of everyone around made sure that her passion for the sport never came in between her education.

When Jaahnavi is not training or studying, she attends professional drawing and painting classes alongside her 14 years old brother. She is also a professional classical Bharatnatyam dancer; however, her schedule does not leave much time for dance or painting.

One of the most memorable and inspiring instance from Jaahnavi’s life, that she cherishes most, is the Australian Summit. Her father had accompanied her during this summit with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

This inspired her to work harder and train well as a mountaineer. The biggest turnaround of the summit, which made it more memorable, was that her father who is also her inspiration promised her to be there alongside forever as her travel buddy.

A special accolade from the local guide during her Mission 7 Summit to Africa to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro also has been a catalyst in making Jaahnavi work harder for the future. Her sole goal as of now is to complete the Mission 7 Summit and Gland Slam to create a new record for all the Indian mountaineering enthusiastic girls.


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Preparing for the 5th Summit to South America in December, Jaahnavi is currently busy training hard and also trying to get sponsorship and fund for the Summit. If everything goes fine and she can avail enough sponsorship, Jaahnavi plans to take up the Mouth Everest Summit next April.

On completing the Summit this year successfully, she will retain her title of being the 2nd youngest girl to do so globally and the youngest Indian Girl to do so. Support through financial aid will help her achieve her dreams and she is endlessly trying to gain that support.

Until now all her Summit has been self-financed, however, as the challenges for each Summit increases so does the cost, thus making it difficult to be self-financed for longer and tougher Summits.

Though her family has been extremely supportive financially and emotionally until now, it is also time for the world to know about her immense achievements and support her willingly in her endeavour.

Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru’s word of advice for all…

“Adventure without risk is Disneyland. Follow your own heart and mind and never copy other’s dreams and achievements.”


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