Amita Marwah – A Martial Art Expert Who Changed the World of Slum Dwellers into Something worth International Recognition.

15 September 2018

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Often we tend to see women be honouring kitchen and just maintaining the decorum of the household activities. But today, we are going to introduce you to a lady who has broken all these boundaries and have been achieving great success in Marshall Arts.

Amita Marwah, a triple martial art expert is a true example of a social influencer of modern India. Changing the perspective and outlook of slum dwelling into something inspirational and worthy is perhaps a task that is among the toughest, yet she achieved it.

Born on December 25th 1977 in Jamnagar, Gujarat, Amita was never an ordinary girl. Her mother was one of the foremost beauticians in her village during the troubled era of the early 80’s. Amita grew up being influenced by her visionary mother and a very social and charity-minded father who was in the Navy.

Her growing years had shaped her into a very strong-willed and outspoken individual. With three black belts in Chikwando, Tangsudo and Taekwondo from King’s Academy and expert level knowledge in other forms of Martial arts like Kickboxing, Amita always believed that her knowledge should be used in helping others rather than being a money cruncher.

“I always wanted to contribute to the society and I had made up my decision during my school days”.


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Though she got married, soon after graduating Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Technology, her husband influenced and motivated her to work harder towards her dream. Her daughters aged 18 and 12 have been her strongest support system during her period of struggle to prove herself. When she decided to start a free martial art program in mafia infested slums in 2011, her only supporting teaching staff was her elder daughter.

During her interaction with Women of Courage, Amita said, “I got a lot of support from my husband and my family and most importantly my two daughters”.

Working towards uplifting the kids of slum dwellers was one visionary idea that looked like an unattainable dream. She started under lots of prejudice and stigma with 15 kids belonging to the below poverty line slum dwelling category and went on to create the Amita Marwah Activity Team consisting of over 450 slum dwelling kids.


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Societal and gender discrimination was a cruel intervention that she faced every day for over 3 years before finally tasting success in 2014.

The Amita Marwah Activity Team currently organizes 4 to 5 daily events in various Slum dwelling locations consisting of 3 martial arts classes and 2 drawing and art classes. Surprising the entire country, without any professional high-end training or equipment or funds, 20 kids among them have represented on the International platform while over 50 in National.

Today her project that consists of 13 board members and 4 active members has one of the best Martial Art team of the entire country.

A professional Pranic Healer and Psychotherapist, Amita organizes regular counselling sessions for these underprivileged kids and their family to motivate them and help them do better.

Jokingly calling herself a stubborn mountain Goat, Amita is an advocate in risk-taking so she has no regrets in life. She prefers to try out things instead of simply commenting about anything because her motto is simple, “You don’t learn unless you experience.”


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With over 75 awards the recent most being from the Haryana women commission, Amita has 12 international medals, 40 State, National and Open national medals in Martial Arts.

As Taekwondo Hall of Fame India awardees’ and Bharat Martial Art Khel Ratna awardees’, Amita is one of the most influential role models for the next generation. Amita is a strong believer of the thought what you sow, so shall you reap’.

Amita’s inspirational story of becoming a front row chief guest from a backbench neglected and discriminated nobody in itself is a marvel. Being a daredevil in a patriarchal society is what makes Amita Marwah a Women of Courage.

In her own words, “Use your time to invest in something constructive instead of kitty parties because you are just rotting your brain without gaining anything. Spend at least two hours doing something worthy because later on, you will look back and not regret your choices.



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