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10 August 2018

Varsha Jain WOC Article


In a nation that talks about Democracy, gender equality is still a questionable victory. Fighting the hierarchy at work and education is not easy for a woman unless you learn to compromise. However, fighting against all odd to construct an ideology of your own is what Varsha Jain did.

Her story is not an everyday occurrence especially in terms of International scholarship related to marketing communication from India. Scholarship in marketing communication is highly competitive and needs dedication. This dedication and passion were reflected in her publications and zeal to create new and effective knowledge for higher education that primarily originated from India.

Born in 1980 at Indore, this young PhD scholar was a force to be reckoned with from her early years. An ambitious and early bloomer, Varsha went on to create a brilliant international marketing scholars and globally renowned marketing professors networking system that is one of a kind in itself. Armed with an MBA in Marketing, followed by the PhD in Advertising, Varsha decided to design a pathway herself instead of following the society.

Varsha’s tenacious ability to research and use unconventional approach helped in combining knowledge from International Scholars and experts in the field of Marketing with the skill set and ideas of the Indian FPM scholars (doctoral level scholars) and PGP students (Masters level students).

This helped in creating a better and far more innovative team of marketing communication scholars who have knowledge as per the international standard but are working from home ground to improve the standards of India marketing scholars and professors while expanding their expertise to other countries worldwide and grooming them for the highly competitive global academia.


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Since July 2008, Varsha has been associated with MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, India) and now she is the Co-chairperson (FPM, fellow program in management, doctoral-level program) and Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication. Since then she has garnered quite a number of prestigious awards and nominations for her contributions.

Some of her most noteworthy achievements includes “Prof. Indira Parikh women education award 2018”, “Education Leadership Award” at 10th DNA Innovative Education Leadership Awards, “Woman Leadership Award for Excellence in Education 2018” at Femina 5th World Women Leadership Congress, “Outstanding Management Researcher Award- 2016” by the Association of Indian Management Scholars and many more.

Varsha has even co-authored a paper titled “The evolving nature of political brands: a comparative study exploring the Internal and External Brand orientations of David Cameron’s Conservative Party from 2010 to 2015” that received first position at the 20th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communication, CMC Conference, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir, Turkey in April 2015.

Varsha has been an advocate of Women Empowerment for a long time now as she herself had to face numerous situations to reach the position she is at this moment. She believes that the society and the need to conform according to the intricacies and beliefs of the social order was an uphill battle that she still has to fight many times to prevent them from blocking her individual growth and freedom.

Varsha believes that motherhood gave her a new perspective of thoughts and to an extent even helped her grow a lot. Since her marriage to Bibhuti Thakur in 2008, most of her memorable moments revolve around her 8 years old son, Goransh Thakur who keeps her life interesting enough these days. Like his mother, he is a creative soul who loves to teach her how to draw and do calligraphy over the weekends.


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Her professional commitments need her to be at Ahmedabad on weekdays, so these activities are something that Varsha waits for, the entire week as she strongly believes that they help her rejuvenate physically and mentally and also increases her creative skills.

She recalls one special incident during her weekend at Indore, when her son asked her about how she teaches her students at MICA as her teaching was difficult for him to understand. This actually made her rethink her methodology of teaching and improvise it for a far better and easier understanding.

According to Varsha, it was her day to day life lesson from MICA that supported and helped at every progression of her career, her family and their support system that helped succeed professionally and she can never thank them enough for their endeavour. The other person she can never thank enough is her mentor and guide Professor Jagdish Sheth who is based at Atlanta, USA and globally renowned Marketing Academician.

With over 100 published papers worldwide Varsha believes that the key to happiness is to just be yourself and not caring about what the world has to say about you. She says dancing is the best way to de-stress whenever she is in need of a little bit of rest or creativity outflow.

Varsha is a true example of Women of Courage because of her astounding contribution to the world of Marketing scholarship, which has opened up limitless opportunities for Indian scholars. With a life mantra of never giving in to Global recognition but instead creating a new route to walk, Varsha is sure to achieve a lot yet.

In Varsha’s words, “Always work with passion. Determine your journey at the global level with your zeal and enthusiasm. Make a mark at the international level with your work. The money will come if the work is exceptionally good and reflects world-class quality. Lastly, be a wonderful human being.”


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