15 Year-old Reyhan Camalova is The CEO and Founder of ‘Rainergy’.

1 August 2018

Reyhan Jamalova WOC Article


It’s pleasant to come across stories of courage and empowerment. It is heart-warming and at the same time, it inspires a huge audience to stay calm and work hard in order to achieve success.

In our today’s story, we have a 15-year-old young girl, who aspires big and is a CEO and Founder of a company, Rainergy (device) that harvest energy from rainwater.

Rain is one of the last unexploited energy sources in nature. Producing electricity through rainwater can solve the problem of energy deficiency during monsoons. Reyhan’s motto is Light up one house at a time.”

Student of 9th grade at Istak Lyceum in Baku, Azerbaijan, Reyhan was always interested in scientific inventions. Along with her father, Reyhan had discussion sessions and also watched documentaries on inventors and their work.

She draws a huge inspiration from Nikola Tesla who was best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. Reyhan wanted to be like Tesla who had his biggest dream to light up the world with free and green energy. Ever since she learned about physicist-futurist, she was curious and so she began her search for “green” energy sources.

“I learned that we can get electricity from practically everything – sun, wind, water, so, why not rainwater? It suddenly dawned on me.”


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Rainergy is a device with four components: a rainwater collector, a water tank, an electric generator and a battery.

It works on a simple mechanism. When the water tank gets full through rainwater collector, the water is allowed to flow through the generator at high speed. By this process, the electricity is generated and is stored in the battery which can be used for household purposes.

Reyhan says “A seminar was held in our school about the Climate Launchpad program, the biggest green business competition and pre-accelerator program in the world. A member of the Social Innovation Lab, Jasur Hasanov, called on everyone who had a green business idea to participate in this activity. I had the idea of getting electricity from rainwater, so I decided to be part of it!”

Reyhan’s invention is not only effective but also eco-friendly. The innovation has attracted interest from various countries across. In India, it received huge appreciation when it was first presented at the Global Summit of Entrepreneurship in November 2017, where she got a special mention in Ivanka Trump’s speech.


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The journey for Reyhan wasn’t easy. She did face criticism, but she believed in herself and the idea. She had the constant support of her family and friends. And the dream of lighting up the world with free and green energy made her not to give up.

“Our idea was selected to be one among the 13 Startups from Azerbaijan. But it did not end here. What we needed to do next was to work hard to make this idea be presented in practical terms. We began to work on this idea with our mentors and built its prototypes for three, long, arduous months.”

The young female entrepreneur, Reyhan was also included in the Forbes under 30 Asia list.

Reyhan was elated when she learned about the news because she was selected among 2000 nominees and she was in the top 300! Aside from this, she was the first Azerbaijani who made it in the list! After the summit in India, Reyhan participated next in the 1st ever Global Summit of Forbes Under30, this time in Israel. It was really a one-of-a-kind experience for her. This week, she also attended the Forbes under 30 Asia summit as a speaker.

Reyhan has had an extreme journey to transfer her raw idea to the grand project and show its successes and potential to the world. She has a success formula which she follows.

Success = Dream—Initiative—Belief—Wish—Hard Work—Perseverance


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We as people dream and wish a lot. But we don’t work hard to achieve our dreams or we don’t believe in ourselves that we can achieve these dreams. Every day hundreds of ideas come into our brain. But we just think and forget them. We don’t work hard at them. But we must. We must turn our dreams into the purposes and then reality.

Let’s remember T. Edison, he didn’t give up on making the light bulb work until his invention came to life despite his 999 unsuccessful attempts. As Mark Zuckerberg says that “The great successes come from having the freedom to fail”.

So don’t afraid dreaming big! Believe yourself! Wish a lot! Work hard! Never give up! Then may successes be always with you!

Reyhan Camalova is truly a Woman of Courage because her belief and determination made her accomplish her dream. She with her sheer dedication worked on her idea and implemented it making it in use and benefitting the needy. Her eco-friendly innovation, not only produces electricity but also make use of the rainwater.

Team WOC wishes Reyhan Camalova a bright future and good wishes for future endeavours.



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