Rashmi Singh’s Story of Turning Passion into Profession Will Inspire You!

23 August 2018



Sustainability is not a trend to be followed; it is a lifestyle choice to make believes Rashmi Singh, our Woman of Courage.

In our today’s story, we have a woman who through her constant efforts and hard work achieved success and established her venture with all courage and determination. Rashmi Singh is a Post Graduate in Apparel Design & Merchandising from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and has her Majors done in English Literature.

Design for me has always been a way of life; it is a byproduct of Problems arising out of a Need.

Through her venture, Studio Moya, Rashmi understands the need of the global consumers and offers them with a local flavour with a global appeal through the global offerings.

Being a Designer, creativity is mandatory and so are the challenges. Rashmi always looks forward to work on challenging opportunities in the craft sector. Back in 2006, when she passed out from college, the design world was not as evolved as it is now.

Rashmi with her skills and talent got through the campus interview and was shortlisted by Arvind Brands. She was in a dilemma, whether to go for a job or pursue her passion. And she landed up taking the job and entering the corporate world which boosted her confidence and gave her the exposure which helped her build her own venture, Studio Moya.




The journey was not as easy as it seemed. After working in the corporate world for 5 years and leaving it one fine day takes huge guts, and in 2010, Rashmi forayed as an entrepreneur.

She launched a specialized health food catering called Homespoon. It was a great success, but destiny had something else written for her. And so, after running the business for one and a half year successfully, she winded up with it due to her personal health issues and the welcoming of her son to life.

Rashmi’s son gave her surprises of life and in the thoughts, cultivated the idea of Studio Moya.

“I always felt Crafts have the power to evoke, be distinctive and reconstitute, narrate a story without words. In the yesteryears, crafts evolved as a way of life. The crafts could not evolve as we did. Clearly, there was a NEED. In the words of Charles Eames “Identifying the NEED is a primary condition for Design”.

And Rashmi commenced her venture, Studio Moya which was launched with the focus on the need of the global consumers who were looking for artistic solutions and contemporary design in traditional techniques.

Being born in Jamshedpur and brought up in part of Bihar, Rashmi belongs to a conservative culture but comes from a forward-thinking family, where education is foremost. Her father is a Civil Engineer and mother, a homemaker. She is happily married to the love of her life, Sandip Sinha for 10 years and her 7-year-old son, Abeer completes her family.




Initial struggles play an important role in any business. When we asked Rashmi, about her initial struggle, she said,

“Finding the right people and resources was the biggest challenge and then the logistics of moving from one link to the other. All our products processing is like an assembly line of different vendors and workshops! One finishes and then the other starts work on it. Though all seems well placed now in initial stages, it was a big challenge to put it together.”

The name of her venture comes from her belief i.e. whatever we do, should be GREAT, whatever it is! And in the same regard, she chose Moya, which is an Irish word that means “great” no strings attached, quite literally.

Apart from Studio Moya, Rashmi has a collaborative design firm by the name Design Doodlers where work on individual creative assignments from brands and organisations. She believes, Take opportunities and challenges equally as it comes! And so at Studio Moya, they are working to build a lifestyle approach to crafts, one craft, and one technique mastered and diversified into multiple unique products.




When asked Rashmi about her motivation during difficult times, she had a very instinct and bold answer. “I am my own comparison, I always look back to where I come from, where I started and what I have achieved and that gives me the motivation to keep going. Every beginning is an end to some other beginning, giving up is never an option.”

Believe in yourself. Things may not happen immediately but definitely is her Life Mantra and with her determined and enlightened soul, she is ready to take on any challenge and face any hurdle.

She wants to convey a message to our audiences. “Don’t be satisfied with stories of others, keep discovering yourself and unfold your own myth.”

Rashmi Singh is a Woman of Courage because, with her strong will and soul, she made her fortune by turning her passion into her field of work. She is a highly determined individual and a woman with grit.


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