Story of an Indian Snow Speedster Rashael Singh Kanwal, A Beauty with Dauntless Spirit and Brave Face.

18 August 2018



Snow in India is a rarity. And if it is skiing, it is an almost absent profession. After all, how can one just practice for a few months a year and even think of taking up Skiing as a profession?

Rashael Singh Kanwal is one such odd woman who went on to try the impossible. This march-1994 born girl from Shimla was already on skies at the age of two and half years when the rest of the kids were just learning to talk and walk well.

Coming from an extremely humble background with a father who is an Agriculturalist and mother who is the Principal of Hill Top high school, Rashael pursued her studies alongside her love for Skiing and went on to even acquire a post-graduation.

Skiing being a rare profession in India, it is shocking to see how much Rashael has achieved in 24 years of age. When asked about her struggles and performances, her story was not short of a miracle in itself.

Rashael first started her training under Mr Jampa Negi and then, later on, went for further training to Manali under Mr Chunnilal Thakur. To further enhance her technical experience Rashael even trained under Teddy Brandi from Austria and Nicolle from Italy.




A firm believer in hard work, Rashael wants to mould her own destiny without any external help. Her stunning track record as a Skier includes an endless list of achievements.

From representing India in SAF Games, U.K in 2011, Asian Alpine Ski competition in Lebanon in 2009, in Pinocchio 26th Sugli Sci Abetone Italy in 2008, Asian Alpine Ski Championship 2007 Korea to winning in National Junior and sub-junior Alpine Ski Championship at Narkanda 2008-2009.

From 2008 until 2012 her perseverance and hard work garnered her enough wins in various tournaments. However, Youth Olympic 2012-13 brought in new difficulties and problems. Political involvement resulted in her unfair dismissal from the tournament.

Every day was a constant battle against politics and nepotism. With no more support or back up, hurt and de-motivated, Rashael went ahead to sit back and prepare for UPSC in the meantime.




Rashael’s love for sports never faded even after she stopped Skiing. She went on to become a National level Basketball player. Over the next few years, Rashael began to train once again. An avid and trained mountaineer, her love to go on long drives or write when is free.

According to Rashael, Skiing is not an easy profession in India as equipments available here are not of very good quality, so every equipment is purchased from abroad. Similarly, the internal favouritism also makes it tough to survive.

However immense support from her family and coach is what made her decide to train once again to qualify for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

In Rashael’s words, “I have a message to all the sports associations and organizations. Our carrier is 50% on you guys, rest 50% we work through a lot of sacrifices and tapasya… We are ready to give our 100% to the nation and we expect the same from you. Please don’t let our sacrifices and tapasya go to waste.”



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