Meet Puja, Who is Trying Her Best to Save Children from the Misery of Life through Her NGO – Kutumb.

15 August 2018

Puja Kutumb WOC Article


“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the entire world is a single family”, believing and truly implementing on this saying is Kutumb NGO which recognizes that the family is the essential foundation for every living being. And it’s just not for survival but to flourish. Run by Dr Ashish & Puja, Kutumb NGO was registered on December 16, 2002.

In our today’s story, we have Puja, who along her husband Dr Ashish started Kutumb NGO aiming at providing a family to anyone who is in need of any discrimination. We live in a world where people are divided by gender, religion, caste and nationality. The true meaning of living is not just to survive and be odds but to live a life worth living and to flourish.

Leaving all the pleasures and securities of a corporate job, the couple started making visits to the slum area of Varanasi and contact building with other NGOs. Steadily, they started studying about the issues where people were inclining.

They had witnessed the small children mere age of 9-10 sniffing eraser solution and to bring the children out of the death trap, they began a small childcare program in the slums to give the children a safe and drug-free environment. 

In 2004, they commenced Kutumb Shelter House with three young children who were found on the railway platform. At Kutumb NGO, they adopt homeless children and provide them with shelter, food and education. Today they have 48 children. And Puja is the mother figure for every child.


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In 2005, they strengthen their Women Empowerment Programs. Puja is an inspiration for community women and continues encouraging them in all aspects of life. They were fortunate enough to have received help from volunteers across the globe who had been serving in India by then. And their projects achieved success which gave them a lot of confidence and strength.

People were getting aware and many people were volunteering for Kutumb NGO. With increasing, productivity and success came bigger responsibilities and they were faced with numerous challenges. But with head high and aim strong, they crossed the obstacles and hurdles.

At Kutumb NGO, they believe, “A loving, caring and supportive family has the powers to make all the changes in one’s life.”

Puja is determined and highly sensitive for the society we live in. She wishes to extend her hand for any societal cause. Their mission is to create a compassionate family in the form of KUTUMB and develop a model of self-sustainable social organization with the values of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.


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We see so many issues around which needs constant attention. Not only this, we have to bring the best out of our own self to conquer the fear and attain peace.

At Kutumb, they want to provide a family atmosphere to the street children. Nurture them physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually and empower them to achieve great heights in the future and become a human of values and morals. They also aspire to bring in a change in the community and develop a “we” feeling.

The journey till here was not easy for Puja as well as Kutumb. After a lot of hardships and difficult challenges, they have made a mark and changed the lives of many.

Puja is a Woman of Courage because she took a step forward in order to help and rescue others from the misery of life. Through her Kutumb NGO not only she changed lives but also gave birth to hopes, aspirations and futuristic visions.

Team WOC wishes Puja a very good luck in all her future endeavours and also congratulates her on having saved so many innocent lives.



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