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27 August 2018

Priya Bhargava WOC Article


“Smile, no matter what. Live life fullest. Grow always”.  These are the exact words of none other than the famous and the ambitious lady who has won the crown of Miss Wheelchair India Pageant 2015, Miss Priya Bhargava. 

Being diagnosed with lupus at a very young age, Priya has gone through lots of pain at a very young age visible blister of those she is still bearing on her legs and arms. The hands which had quite a good experience of riding scooter, without caution now push the wheels of a wheelchair.

Priya was an all-rounder in school and always dreamt to be a doctor. She chose to do a Para-medical course named Physiotherapy. Soon she started getting rashes all over her cheeks and nose; due to several complications, she had to drop her studies during the first year.

With a new hope, she got admitted herself to another course, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education. But due to her illness, she could not give the exams. Later, she completed her BCA followed by an MCA, topped in both the courses in Noida Regional Centre of IGNOU and presently; she is pursuing her Master’s in Psychology under Dr Jitendra Nagpal, renowned Psychiatrist at Moolchand.


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When she noticed the rashes all over her cheeks and nose, she was treated for typhoid and malaria as even the doctor’s had no idea about Lupus. Priya’s condition started deteriorating day by day and she could not recover due to the wrong diagnosis.

When Priya was admitted to hospital with 106 degrees fever, the doctor treating her, had some idea about Lupus and after the blood test, her reports confirmed it. Priya’s father, who was posted in Nagaland as part of the Indian Army, was called when Priya was diagnosed with Lupus.

Her parents were heartbroken when they got to know about the trauma their daughter would go through.

Lupus was not so known those days and the family was shattered when they understood about their daughter’s disease.


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Priya had to undergo regular checkups and was on steroids. And as a side effect, she had a sore tongue, had lost appetite and therefore doctors put her on a chemotherapeutic drug called Methotrexate. Due to this, she was unable to concentrate on her studies and started losing hair.

Priya told WOC “I used to put a black marker over my bald scalp to continue my college as I was hesitant”.  There was a point in life when she was referred to the Psychiatrist as she had stopped salivating, had forgotten how to laugh, how to walk, and even did not identify her parents.

Soon, after that, Priya noticed that she was unable to walk with full strength. She also lost control over her bladder, legs and bowel and eventually got bedridden. Priya started spending her time in painting, craft, poetry, singing, listening to the song and watching TV.

When she was pursuing her MCA degree, she happened to meet this kind soul, Prof. Prabhat Ranjan, an Executive Director at TIFAC then. During their conversation, he suggested Priya to take part in MWI2013 but she eventually denied it as her priority was towards studies and she wanted to fulfil her dream of becoming a Software Engineer.

Later on, in the year 2015, after continuous persuasion from Mr Prabhat Ranjan, Priya participated in the event and the rest all is a history.


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Priya says that her parents are her pillars, who were and are always supportive and had always shown be the positive side of everything.  After winning the title of Miss Wheelchair India pageant, she was later selected among the top 24 finalists all over the world in the Miss Wheelchair World contest held at Poland.

When asked about her future plans, Priya says “I wish to establish a strong platform for people with disabilities and old age people so that they won’t ever feel financial, emotional and other crisis. I have plans, I am just looking for the platform and people who could come forward for the cause and they really mean it.”

This brave lady is an ambassador of Miss Wheelchair World in India, wheelchair model, a fine artist, an author, motivational speaker, TEDx Speaker, and educationist and now she has come up with her very first book “Stories from My Life”. Her Life story is a part of the School and College curriculum in the Moral Science Book ‘Gems for Life’.

Priya wants to share this as her message: “Society is created by each of us. We should not follow old nonscientific beliefs. Acceptance should be there. Today’s population is going under stress all because we are living with loneliness in a crowd. We need to give love and accept love. Respect everyone. No-one has to stay here forever. Make this world beautiful and worth living. Save Earth.”

Miss. Priya Bhargava is undoubtedly a Women of Courage as she has set an example before all of us that you should never give up in life whatever may be the situation you should have the courage to face it.



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