24 YO Dr Priyanjali Datta is Spreading Awareness About Breast Cancer Through “Aaroogya”

12 August 2018

Priyanjali Datta WOC Article


Being women, we are not negligent but unaware. A disease which is affecting one out of every eight women worldwide, and we have no awareness for the same.

In our today’s story, we have Dr Priyanjali Datta who took on this campaign and set her foot firm to spread awareness about the “Triple-negative breast cancer” which is a rare molecular subtype of the disease, difficult to treat and particularly affects younger women.

 Being born in the city of joy, Kolkata, and native being at Shillong, Dr Priyanjali wanted to become an astronaut as a kid. At the same time, she was inspired by the revolutionary tales of Subhash Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekananda, Aristotle, Einstein, Marz and other legendary change makers who created a dent in the universe during their holy existence.

The drive towards creating a difference in the society and making it a better place has always been there in me, says Dr Priyanjali, the founder of Aaroogya.

‘Aaroogya’ has its own team and board of advisory. Dr Dhruv Kacker is the co-founder and COO while Kaushik Sharaf is the CTO of Aaroogya. Apart from this, Dr Nikhita Mittal, Dr Shivani Bhardwaj, Sayan Basak, Nancy Ahlawat, Vanshika Kapoor, Saurabh Basu, Saumye, Dr Rishabh Chauhan, Nishtha Kapoor and Shreyanjali Datta are also a part of the team.

At Aaroogya they believe in, Freedom from disease and a healthy body, mind and soul. The double ‘O’ in the name represents the healthy breasts of a young girl who is aware and ready to help people by spreading awareness.


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Dr Priyanjali along with co-founder of Aaroogya, Dr Kacker has evolved to be using Real-time Primary data collection and analysis, Telemedicine and diagnosis based on Artificial intelligence in the remotest of 8 villages in India and applied this for 1759 patients already in past one year. They have spread awareness and reached to many underprivileged that are far away from the technologies and new innovations.

Aaroogya is affirmed on services of Preventive Primary Healthcare for Cancer and Wellness in Rural India. India will harbour World’s highest Rural Population by 2050 according to the 2007 Revision World Urbanization Prospects by United Nations.

The vision of Aaroogya is Early Detection of Cancer and Secondary Prevention establishment as a curriculum every month amongst targeted womenfolk. With a properly functioning body of 12 people, Aaroogya faces challenges every day. And with an experienced panel of Board of Advisors, they bring customized & holistic one-stop solution for Awareness, Preventive Healthcare and Early detection and Diagnosis.

Dr Priyanjali has experiences so vast and diverse. She has been a model, loves singing and dancing and also is a public speaker and an orator. With amazing parents and adorable sister and along with her Aaroogya team altogether is her priceless asset.


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24-year-old Dr Priyanjali had a moment of achievement when she received her International Women’s Day Award when she was 22.

Dr Priyanjali shares that her constant source of inspiration is her father Mr Sanjit Datta.

When she was asked about her future plans she said, “The need of the hour is the key to proceed further. We want to keep extending our services till the last mile.”

We sometimes take things for granted and sometimes are the best of our own version. For Dr Priyanjali it has been sorted. She knows her vision is bigger and so the hurdles will be bigger too.

Her Life Mantra is: “Your dreams are just the first layer foundation got building up the castles and your family and friends are the pillars, but your determination is the labour to build it for sure.”


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Like every other individual, Dr Priyanjali has also learned many lessons from life. We fail and keep failing while experimenting with anything new. That’s when we know it is going to get better step by step and with improvisation, hence failure is necessary and healthy.

She wishes to share a message with our audience, “Health is wealth and just like we keep our wealth safe in banks with precautions, similarly, our health is a treasure unmatched to any other precious value to be maintained with care and precautions. Start taking preventive care for your body to avoid diseases. Stay Healthy and Happy!”

Dr Priyanjali Datta is a Woman of Courage because her passion to work for the rural poor brought a change in their lives and with her mission to spread awareness and make people free from illness marked a huge impact in lives of the rural people.

Long way to go Dr. Priyanjali Datta!



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