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7 August 2018

Geetanajali Chopra - WOC Article

In childhood, we were taught that sharing is caring. Not many really implemented on this saying. In our today’s story, we have a woman who not only believed in it but also made it in reality for the people around as well. And commenced Wishes and Blessings in April 2014.

Meet Dr Geetanjali Chopra who started her career in the field of journalism and later finished her PhD in International Politics from JNU. After travelling the world, writing a couple of books and loving life all while, she felt something missing in her course of life. And that’s when she established Wishes & Blessings.

Many times it occurs in life that we are willing to forward a help but we don’t how to connect to the people who are genuinely in need. Dr Geetanjali’s Wishes & Blessings is such a platform which connects the help seekers with the help givers.

“We are a forum to oversee the connection between the donors and beneficiaries and makes sure that this connection is sustainable.”


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The name Wishes & Blessings mark significance. Many of us have some unfulfilled wishes in our life, and some of us are more privileged in terms of helping others fulfil their wishes and what we get in return are blessings; hence the name Wishes & Blessings.

Hailing from New Delhi, Dr Geetanjali had the seed of helping other planted in childhood itself. Belonging to a joint family, the occasions of birthdays were celebrated with the underprivileged just to spread happiness. On one such visit on her birthday to a school, a little boy came forward and asked her, “When is my birthday?” The incident made her realize that we as privileged individuals take our birthdays for granted.

Years later to the incident, she happened to visit the same school in 2014. The children wished to play Holi and Dr.Geetanjali wanted to turn their wish into reality.


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“I pooled in some money with a few of my colleagues and arranged a holiday party for the children. The happiness that I experienced then was life-altering, and that was my first tryst with social work, and since then I have continued down this path”

The decision to start Wishes & Blessings was one such courageous step by Dr Geetanjali. She left her successful career and had to face questions from loved ones. But she was determined to start such a venture where she could connect the world of people who need help and people who can help.

We see many Non-Profit Organizations working on sectors of education or health and sanitation or environment and nature, but Wishes & Blessings marks a difference. Anybody who needs help and who can help is a member of the Wishes & Blessings family.

Considering the wishes of both the beneficiaries and donors, Wishes & Blessings comes up with new projects to fulfil the wish and the shower of blessing. Dr Geetanjali is enthusiastic and firmly believes in spreading happiness and so with their new initiatives, they are turning many wishes true and benefiting the needy.


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Wishes & Blessings is currently working on education, vocational training, health and hygiene, and many more. They believe that happiness is something they work for. And in the same respect, they have launched their first old age home for women, Mann Ka Tilak where women can live at peace.

The initiatives by Wishes & Blessings are of a great help to the people in need. Dr.Geetanjali is fulfilling the wishes of people and receiving warm blessings.

Dr Geetanjali Chopra is a Woman of Courage because she let her successful career go and with all her sheer determination she went on to build a platform where wishes could be fulfilled. Till date, so many beneficiaries have got their wishes to turn real.

Team WOC wishes Dr Geetanjali a very happy endeavour of life and also congratulates her on spreading so many smiles.


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