Dietitian Aahat Ahuja’s Journey From Being Fat to Fit & Becoming an Entrepreneur is Truly Inspirational!

2 August 2018

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We Indians are casual regarding our health and diet. We eat all the food we love. And so in the end, we don’t know what may occur and happen to our bodies. It is truly said that our body is a Temple and it’s our duty to keep it clean and glowing.

In our today’s story, we have a woman whose journey has been one of a kind. From being an overweight child to becoming a dietician, Aahat Ahuja is inspiring people to remain fit and healthy.

24-year-old Aahat always wanted to create a One-Stop-Shop for all head to toe beauty, hair and slimming needs. And turning her dream coming true, on 8th April 2018, she started her venture, HOBS (House Of Beauty & Slimming by Aahat Ahuja).

“I wanted to open a total makeover center but something which is natural and didn’t have any side effects so, I thought of opening HOBS with a vision of making people look beautiful with natural and organic products and making people get back into shape through balanced diets without starvation and manual slimming therapies without any side effects.”

It’s a fact; we have indulged much into our works and life, ignoring our own health and diet. Aahat was an overweight kid and her mother took her to dieticians who prescribed her bottle gourd, salt-free diets and mono diets. Being a foodie, Aahat couldn’t follow the diet and ended up being frustrated.

By the time she finished her graduation, she became anxious as she couldn’t wear anything of her choice. She started reading articles related to health. Completing her Honors in Political Science, she enrolled herself in Diploma in Dietetics, Health & Nutrition from VLCC.

Aahat got so engrossed in the course that she took up an internship at Revital Mantra because she wanted practical knowledge too. Within a year, she had turned into a full fledge dietician and losing 25kgs of her weight.


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She studied diets of people across the world and started designing diets of her own and following it. She could see feasible changes in herself which encouraged her to work even harder further.

“Obesity is something which is very common in our country and a lot of people suffer from it. I wanted to help myself and also the people around me.”

Belonging to a Punjabi family, Aahat lost her father at an age of 16. Her mother has been her constant support and she is the reason behind Aahat being independent at an age of 24.

Being a young entrepreneur, Aahat had fears of running a business but the positive client results encouraged her to take her work to the next level.

Aahat designs a balanced diet comprising of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in the right proportion. Excellent weight loss results all through natural procedures.

70% is diet and the rest 30% is what we choose yoga, exercise or slimming therapies. The real mantra to lose weight is, not to starve, but to eat in every two or three small frequent meals to increase metabolism. Drinking lukewarm water is a simple easy remedy. No food is bad but eating in the right proportion and at right time is the key. Having a balanced diet will make you lose weight and nurture your skin and hair too.


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At HOBS, services like Beauty, Slimming, Hair, Make-ups, Treatments of Skin & Hair, Diets are provided all under one roof. HOBS is unique in its own uniqueness. They analyze the client’s problem first and then give a natural solution to it by the organic & natural approach.

In a mere span of 3 months, HOBS has transformed the lives of many customers by curing their problems from the root through organic and natural products. Problems like of scanty hair, extreme hair fall, acne and pigmentation can be treated in a few sittings through Aahat’s team of experts.

They also have trained make-up artists that make brides and grooms shine on their big day and also cater to party and engagement makeups.

Aahat says that her mother and her sister have been her constant pillar of strength.

Besides HOBS, Aahat also organizes free health check-ups and counsel poor strata of society by spreading awareness of proper nutrition and health.

Aahat also has a diet clinic at sector 55-Noida, at her residence.

“I want to transform as many lives as possible. I want India to be an obesity-free country. I wish that children should be made more aware of nutrition and health in the school itself.”

For HOBS, my plan is to establish it in every vicinity since there are no side effects and there are all natural ways of transforming lives.

“I believe that food is your biggest medicine. Health problems like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Thyroid, as well as women, oriented problems like PCOD and PCOS can be controlled through a good diet plan or what I call as food therapy.”

Aahat Ahuja is a woman of courage because she is an extremely confident and independent entrepreneur at the young age of 24. She is an inspiration for others and believes that once transformation starts from within then only you can change the world. She is an aspirant who believes that there is no substitute for handwork.

 A message from Aahat:

Be the best version of yourself. Your health is an investment and not an expense. Why to have so many medicines every day when you can alter your diets and let the magic begin.

Check what Aahat’s customers have to say about HOBS And Aahat:


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