When Life Gave Lemons, Rachana Prasad Made Lemonade – The story of a Brave Mother.

4 August 2018

Rachana Prasad WOC Article


A child in life changes the life completely. With the welcoming of a new member, happiness and excitement add-on. For a woman, being a mother is a great feeling altogether.

Our today’s Woman of Courage is Rachana Prasad whose motherhood marked a U-Turn in life. Rachana Prasad is a mother of two, one being a special child and she runs her own NGO Chiranthana, which is into life skills training using theatre as a powerful medium.

Parenting seems easy, but it takes a lot for both parents. And when the child is special, parenting needs to be more special. For Rachana, it was no easy job too. Her elder daughter, Prutha who is 13 now, was born to the couple six years after marriage and having experienced two miscarriages.

In a very initial stage when she was just 8 months old, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder affecting her overall development milestone.

Being a mother, Rachana was left devastated, traumatized and broken. To add on were the parenting tips of the society which included religious and astrological guidance. Rachana felt miserable, but she had a strong will to give a beautiful life to her daughter because her birth had given a new birth to Rachana.


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It was like life was giving her plenty of lemons, but she was all ready to make lemonade. She empowered her own self and faced the challenges with head high. With her specialized skills and talent, she started ‘Chiranthana’ which is an exclusive life-skills programme designed for children, with art as an intervention.

Chiranthana aims at catering to skills beyond academics. The journey which started with 8 kids went up to 800 and very soon they gathered everyone’s attention. Today, Chiranthana is a registered NGO. Not many NGO works for special kids using art as an intervention, but Chiranthana is certainly one-of-a-kind.

Through the medium of theatrical art, Rachana brings out the talent and potential of each child and portray in form of art on stage.  There have been more than 25 theatrical productions under Chiranthana and more than 10,000 children have attended her workshops.

“Every individual deserves a right to live with respect and dignity irrespective of the class, privilege and abilities they come from and that is what Chiranthana has set out to do!” Rachana said in an Interview with WOC. 


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Rachana has always been an ambitious woman and loves living life at fullest. Hailing from Bangalore, this Bengaluru girl got married early in life at an age of 21. Life to her was to live, explore and unravel the façade of life.

To be happy even after all the shortcomings is what Rachana holds up to. Her daughter Prutha brought endless happiness in her life and her confidence to live life became stronger. Prutha showed her how to smile despite all odds and live a fearless life. From the very beginning, Prutha was an integral part of the workshops and programs. 

Rachana is blessed with a wonderful family with a supportive husband, two lovely kids and strong parental support and she is a happy woman because she knows and understands that only a happy mother can raise happy children.


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The society needs to get awakened and understand the basic fundamentals and not be harsh on parents when it comes to raising the kid. Rachana has experienced cruelty and disgust.

She remembers, “My daughter was in hurry to pee. I asked my friend if I could use her washroom, to which she said no saying, might her kid get the infection!” 

Rachana believes: “Only by giving, you are able to receive more than you already have.”

Rachana Prasad is a Woman of Courage because she didn’t let her own life go in despair in looking after her daughter. Rachana made a career and gave a beautiful life to her daughter and many other special kids. She not only made her daughter smile but also the ones in her NGO.  She is a woman of dignity and pride with pleasant aspirations.

Team WOC wishes Rachana Prasad a very good luck in all her future endeavours and also acknowledges her work as a mentor and love as a mother.

Kudos to you Rachana! 🙂 


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