Meet Pushpa Preeya, Who Has Written Over 681 Exams For Disabled Students For Last 10 Years.

13 July 2018

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We all have been through the phase of facing the examination. Sadly, there are a few who are deprived of writing exams. To their rescue are the volunteers like Pushpa Preeya.

Meet, Pushpa Preeya, a lady who writes exams as a scribe, a woman with a heart full of aspirations and with a belief that no one’s dream should be kept at a halt just because of disability.

Hailing from Bangalore, Pushpa Preeya has written over 681 exams, often for visually impaired people. She also scribes for those having cerebral palsy, down syndrome and also for physically disabled.

We can’t face our own examination and here Pushpa Preeya has written exams for school students, college students irrespective of their stream, as well as competitive exams and government jobs. She has known the feeling of a willingness of pursuing the wisdom of education, but can’t due to unknown circumstances.

Pushpa and her brother have faced struggles regarding attaining education and so she knows how it feels when you can’t, even when it’s not your fault. Her brother and mother have been Pushpa’s strongest pillars. Sadly, she lost her father a few days back. May his soul rest in peace.

Initially, Pushpa got an opportunity to write an exam for the visually impaired student through her neighbour who worked at NGO for visually impaired students. And she asked Pushpa to volunteer for being a scribe to these students. Pushpa wrote the exam for the student and she felt heartwarming. She realized how people helped her to complete her education and in the same way she is helping others to bring out their best.


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Pushpa started to help these students and be a scribe since 2007. It has been more than 10 years now. And her spirit is ever boosting. She is part of groups and NGOs from where she receives calls for writing exams on behalf of the disabled students.

It is difficult to communicate with the student suffering from cerebral palsy or Down syndrome without having any formal training, but Pushpa even after meeting these students directly in the examination hall, can communicate effectively.

The reason for helping these students during their examination is not only out of the feeling of giving back to the society but also because of the gratitude for having her own senses intact.

Apart from being a scribe, Pushpa goes to the office, does a 9-5 job and is an IT Professional. Even after a heavy schedule, she doesn’t miss out on a chance to help any disabled student in his exam.

Not only people with disabilities are helped by Pushpa but also normal people who due to unavoidable circumstances cannot appear for an exam like a sudden mishap or an accident.

Along with being an IT Professional & a scribe, Pushpa also arranges for blood for needy via Facebook and WhatsApp. She has always been able to arrange the blood even if it has been the rare type of blood group.


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Pushpa has a life mantra which she follows: “I may not be the Best, but I am not like the Rest.”

Her life lesson which she learned:

“You go in a very good way, people will appreciate you, will help you, and be humble to you. You have to go on and trust people, have a little faith.”

Pushpa wants to share this message with everyone:

“You do your work; rest will come back to you. Something goes wrong in your family or something gets stuck up, don’t lose your patience and hope. Be bold, take up the challenges, you’re also one amongst others.”

Pushpa Preeya is a Woman of Courage because having had bitter experiences of life and learning beautiful messages from life, made her what she is today. Thinking about other people’s problem in this selfish world is in itself a great deal.

Long way to go Pushpa, cheers to your determination & willingness! 🙂

Team WOC wishes you all the very best for your future endeavours. 


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