India’s Pad Woman Maya Vishwakarma is Changing The Lives of Indian Women Through Her ‘Sukarma Foundation’.

16 July 2018



It’s easy for men to live life without any fear of bleeding every month. Women, even after bleeding knows how to make life easy. To talk about or write about the menstrual cycle and hygiene is vital in today’s day-to-day life. People need an awakening and that comes from inspirations like Maya Vishwakarma.

 In our today’s story, we have a woman who has quit her high-paying job of being a cancer researcher in America and has left all the comforts to be the rescuer for the women of her homeland from the issue of menstrual hygiene.

Certainly, everyone is familiar with the PadMan, Arunachalam Muruganantham, but we also have PadWoman of India, Maya Vishwakarma.

Hailing from Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh, Maya left the country several years ago to build a comfortable life overseas. But, she is back to our Motherland, to help the women with the real problem of menstrual hygiene.

During her first period, she was told to use a cloth by a lady in their relation. And that had caused many infections in her body. Maya neither had known nor had heard about sanitary napkins until she was 26. She has faced several health issues and now this 36-year-old woman, having experienced the facts of life is full of hope, idealism and determination to make the lives of the women of her homeland better and hygienic.




Maya belongs to a family, where her parents are both agricultural labourers. They have strived hard and their struggles were endless to meet the ends & means. But, they never stopped Maya from gaining an education or forced her into marriage. As a result, Maya finished her schooling, did her post-graduation in Biochemistry and also did a research at AIIMS, Delhi after which she flew to the USA.

Returning to her homeland, she commenced Sukarma Foundation two years ago. The foundation aims at creating awareness about the importance of using sanitary napkins instead of rags & old clothes and fracturing the myths of menstruation.



Also, the foundation works at manufacturing sanitary napkins at a low and affordable cost with high hygiene standards. In the past two years, Maya has changed lives of more than 2000 women.

The machines they use for manufacturing the sanitary napkins were purchased through crowdfunding, personal savings and contributions from Maya’s friends working abroad. And, therefore Sukarma Foundation was set and ready to change the lives of many women. While she was looking for best and cost-efficient machinery for producing the pads, she happened to meet the PadMan two years ago and had a study about his machines of manufacturing.

Maya wants to educate the women and so in the same regard, she visits women and make them aware of the hygiene to be maintained during menstruation making their health better and infections free.




Maya says,

“We live in such a fast-track world that we are forgetting our communities where so many problems exist, they are simple to solve with your determination, dedication and the right approach. So, become a problem solver and come out from your comfort zone. Do real practice of your knowledge for deprived people. Youth are very powerful. Give back to this world.”

Maya Vishwakarma is a Woman of Courage because, with her sheer determination, she goes on to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene in the rural parts of India and is making her finest effort to eradicate the myths of menstruation.

You are a true inspiration lady! Live long and Sukarma Foundation will let other women live longer.

Team WOC wishes you all the very best and aspires for your success and progress.

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