Bharti Singh Chauhan and Her NGO ‘Praveen Lata Sansthan’ Have Trained 21,000 Girls on Personal Safety.

19 July 2018

Bharti Singh Chauhan WOC Article


When a girl child is born, from that very day, she has some aspirations. When she grows into a teenager, she starts dreaming and sets her goals in life. In adulthood, she tries her every possibility to make life easy, but until then the girl turns into a woman, making every change and adjusting in the changing domain.

In our today’s story, we have a woman, who fought her own battles of ups and downs. Meet Bharti Singh Chauhan an established Professional & very well known Social Activist.

Hailing from Jaipur, Bharti did her primary schooling from Bangalore and then for higher studies, she returned back to Jaipur. Being a child, she always wanted to become a Chartered Accountant but she dropped down the plan thinking that it would take lots of effort as well as money. Moreover, her current role was to handle the responsibilities of her family, which she couldn’t compromise on any term.

Bharti started working from a mere age of 12. When she entered college, from the first year itself she started doing jobs.

In the year 2012, while she was working with Vodafone, she got an opportunity to work with a foundation wherein, she had to move out of Jaipur. She has been volunteering since the age of 16 with Rotaract Club and other organizations, so it was heartwarming for her to have received such an opportunity.

All she wished was to dedicate her own self to work for the society. And in the same regard, she moved out of Jaipur and volunteered herself for 6 weeks. The conditions she saw of street living kids, as well as the shelter home where the girls used to stay, were miserable. She then realized that there are a lot many things that can be done across.



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When she started her volunteering, she got a feeling that life is not as we see, it’s very different for every person. And then she decided to move forward in the same direction and she realized that what she’s doing is not her dream, she just wants to do something for the society especially for the girls, who dream a lot but due to a lot of challenges cannot. Bharti herself has survived from life challenges from taking up odd jobs to striving hard for survival.

During the same period of 6 weeks, she invited her family to come and see what work she is doing. Her mother, mother-in-law along with husband stepped in. Bharti took them to the streets, lanes and shelter homes where she has been working effortlessly.

She returned back to her professional career and co-incidentally she lost her mother-in-law and mother in three months duration. She felt devastated but she also had a hope to follow her heart and start her own NGO in memory of the two ladies of her life.

She then learned the procedure to be followed to set up a non-profit organization. She was neither supported nor guided by anyone, the struggle was real but so were her aspirations. She learned through the Internet and commenced her organization by investing all her savings.

Bharti named her NGO behind the names of the two inspirational ladies of her life. She named her NGO as Praveen Lata Sansthan.

In December 2012, when the Nirbhaya Case took place in Delhi, Bharti decided to come up with an initiative to create awareness in the society, educate the adolescents and girls on topics such as molestation, eve-teasing and child abuse. It didn’t come in an easy way for Bharti. She had to struggle to make her voice heard. The government schools didn’t approve of her and she was let down.


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“I felt how could this happen? Personal safety is the most burning issue, and people are not entertaining me in terms of doing the workshops for these girls, it’s for their benefit, it will give them longer benefit in life and then I decided I will go to some ground level private schools.”

It was challenging for Bharti, but she didn’t lose hope. The private schools welcomed her and were overwhelmed to have her in their school. It was her foremost workshop and the results of the same were in favour of Bharti.

Social media platform helped Bharti to get in touch with the people worldwide. And with this journey, Praveen Lata Sansthan crossed 19000 girls by 2017 and that too without investing a single penny.

Every time during the workshops, she would get questions from the girls regarding why only girls have to take care of everything, Bharti had a deep thought and later on the schools asked her if she could bring up the Holistic Approach which would include: education, health, lifestyle, life skills and soft skills.

Four years later, Bharti came up with her initiative Ladli. The programme is all about creating role models, supporting the girls who dream of their better future. In the last two years, Praveen Lata Sansthan has changed lives of 150 girls and has trained 21000 girls on personal safety.


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Praveen Lata Sansthan has a proper governing body. Bharti, the founder and director of an organization along with a vice president who is a 65-year-old lady, a secretary and a treasurer are the core working body. The organization also has advisory members.

Bharti is known and called as pad woman of Rajasthan. Through fundraisers and campaigning through social media Bharti managed to raise around 1, 17,000 sanitary pads, which was distributed to the girls and women without access to sanitary pads. Her community people call her “Bhabhisa”.

“We are a strong team and today we have 12 countries associated with us, the volunteers come here, work with us and the communication platform is Facebook.”

Bharti has received 28 awards till date amongst which includes, 100 Women Achievers Nationally by President of India in 2016, ICICI Bank WomanOfCourage Award & the State and National level recognition.

Her message for the society:

“I believe that the girls are the future of any country if they are empowered, the whole system can be changed. If one girl is empowered in one family, she can transform the lives of 10 generations. So people should support girls’ education and understand her dreams and give her wings to fly.”

Bharti Singh Chauhan is a Woman of Courage because she took her steps in the direction to rescue the society from evil. She fought against the odds and did her finest effort to bring in a change in the lives of girls.

Team WOC wishes Bharti Singh Chauhan huge success in coming years and wishes that more and more girls are empowered to live their life on their own terms.



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