SUPer Girl Tanvi Jagadish -India’s No. 1 Female Stand-up Paddler. 


At times, we get opportunities and we accept it with both our hands open. Tanvi Jagdish also got the opportunity to live her dream and got a new lease of life. Tanvi is the only female surfer and stand-up paddler to have represented India internationally.

Growing up on India’s West Coast, at the age of 12, Tanvi got introduced to the Mantra Surf Club. Her brother became her coach, and she started shredding.  When she felt confident enough for stand-up paddling in the calm backwater, she felt ready to take on the waves.

In her TEDx talk, Tanvi speaks about the upcoming water sport – Stand Up Paddling and also points differences between Surfing and Stand Up Paddling. She talks about her initial struggles, the hardships she had to face and finally how she conquered her fears and made her passion for the waters her strength.

She is an outstanding example of turning passion into the career. We see today, teenagers have some passion but sadly, they end up with a career total opposite to it.  Tanvi, at a mere age of 18 is the only female in her field who has represented our country on International Level.

Her efforts, dedication and hard work have made her gather several national medals and also increasing the number of accolades on the international platform. She is willing earnestly to make this sport popular and more accessible in India, with the limelight on empowering girls and women to dream and live upon it.

Watch the video and know the story of this beautiful 18-year-old girl, Tanvi Jagdish.

More Power to you Tanvi.


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