Having fought Breast Cancer and won, Shilpa Aneja found a new outlook on Life.

3 June 2018



Human is a beautiful creation of God. By growing ages, human invented himself into a creature of the invention, a soul of blissfulness and then added the beauty of persona. With goodness, evil comes side by side. With growing human resources, human abilities have also been questioned and same goes with the fact that human, who is a sufferer is also a healer.

In our today’s story, we have a woman, who fought her battle against herself and is surviving on her own terms of individualism and identity perseverance. Meet 34-year-old Shilpa Aneja who was a sufferer earlier and is now healing herself.

Hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, Shilpa was diagnosed with Grade 3 metastatic aggressive Breast Cancer when she was 32 in November 2016. A daughter, a wife, a mother, a fitness freak, Shilpa is a fighter.

“My breast cancer was a very uncommon cancer. The cells divide and then re-divide very quickly like in a short span of 10-12 days and the tumour grows into a very big lump. Mine was an aggressive kind of breast cancer so it was spreading like fire in my body” she said to ‘Women of Courage’ in an interview.

After knowing about her condition, instead of crying and getting panic, she fought with her head high. Breast cancer cells travel through the body like any other cancer cells. Firstly, the cancer cells can invade neighbouring healthy tissue. Following this, the cancer cells then invade local lymph nodes or blood vessels.

Though Shilpa had cancer in her left breast, she took a bold and correct step to get both of her breasts and ovaries removed because she was at a 95% high risk of getting it back in 2 years maybe. Shilpa underwent 8 rounds of chemo, 3 major surgeries, 25 rounds of radiations and 18 rounds of Herceptin. She never left that smile during the entire treatment because she knew if she sinks, that will make her whole family go down with her.

Shilpa went under diagnosis. Her initial report from laboratory stated Positive, second after all the tests turned down to be Negative. For the third opinion, she went to Ahmedabad’s HCG where her report was Positive again.

“I was at Ahmedabad with my husband and brother. My entire family did not know that I have gone there for diagnosis. I took my 2.5-year-old daughter along. When came to know about positivity in the report, I was hit back. First of all, I thought why me! But then when I looked at my daughter, I came to life and decided to take complete treatment and fight back because I had no other option.”


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Shilpa had no fear. She knew she had to fight. She has a beautiful daughter and to give her the childhood she deserves, she decided to give it a call and strive hard to get out of it.

“I didn’t have the strength to take care of my daughter, but somehow I gathered all the strength to take care of her.”

Shilpa is a complete fitness freak. Gyming is her passion. She would spend two hours in the gym, working out and weight lifting before her diagnosis. She is an ‘Iron Lover’. It was at that time when she noticed that she is losing her weight drastically and also losing her glow.

And the reason behind lost weight and glow was the growth of lump in the breast, the cancer. On initial stake, Shilpa thought that she is losing her weight due to gym workouts but things were clear later.

With it, Shilpa is also into modelling. She does ramp walks and is also passionate about it. She was about to participate in a beauty pageant. However, due to sudden diagnosis, she had to drop down her plan. A month later to her surgery, she came across an event on cancer awareness in Jaipur. She then walked down the ramp with her daughter.


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“I walked the ramp with a bald head along with my daughter and it was a wonderful feeling altogether. Now, I’m preparing for an upcoming beauty pageant in 2019.”

Shilpa has gone through magnificent changes. Earlier she was short-tempered, would take things for granted, but today, she is much more determined and calm. She believes in thinking positively and life turns and serves you positively.

She has finished her treatment in January 2018 and is still under medication for 5 years.  People who know her get inspired by her and those who don’t know her can’t make out by seeing her that she had cancer in her past.

She has a very strong message to share, “Don’t consider this cancer disease into some dreaded kind of disease. Now, there are treatments and advanced technologies and it can be cured. Just stay positive, your will and determination will help in overcoming it.”

“I’m not a cancer survivor but I’m a CANCER SLAYER.”

Shilpa Aneja is a Woman of Courage because she is a strong headed person. And with her grit and willpower, she let her suffering turn down on knees. She is truly an ignited soul with a passion for wonders.


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