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9 June 2018

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There are many people in this world who talk about helping poor and underprivileged children but only a few who actually work in this direction. Today we are talking about one such girl who is helping more than 1,000 lives through her NGO – Friends for care.

Meet Sharmin Malik who started her NGO – Friends for Care to help the needy children.

When Sharmin was a little girl, she always dreamt of doing something when she saw misery, helplessness and sadness around. When she started her university, she felt the urgent need to change things. So, while she was pursuing her Engineering Degree, she started going to various slums and teach the kids on the streets.

As time passed, few of her friends joined her and the cause and effect chain started. Sharmin decided to create a platform for youth like her who wanted to do something for the society and this is how she started “Friends for Care”.

 Sharmin was just 21-year-old when she founded “Friends for Care”(FFC).

Since Sharmin was still studying, it was very difficult for her to manage expenses. Sharmin decided to give her valuable possession and share it amongst more people that is “Education” and from there on the mission of “Being the Change” started.


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Initially, Sharmin faced lots of challenges and opposition dealing with people living in the slum areas. The ice-breaking was the tough part. They achieved that by building relations with the kids of the area and slowly and steadily Sharmin and team moved into doing programs for the overall well-being of the people in the slum.

“I still remember, the first time we entered a slum, we saw the condition in which people lived, families thriving on leftovers and children playing in whatever they could call toys.”

Sharmin says that their basic aim is to work with the little children but to achieve that they have to make sure about the well-being of the family. ‘Friends for Care’ works on basics i.e., Education, Employment and Empowerment.

Sharmin and team have worked on many projects like Educational development programs for the children, Back to school program for the drop-outs, Health and hygiene awareness, Tobacco eradication, Applying vocational training and guidance to youths, and Starting the second earner’s program for the women in the families.


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‘Friends for Care’ is currently working on three major projects:

  1. Project Pathshala – Where they nurture a child’s dream through education and empowerment.

  2. Project Shade – Where they try to extend shade and shelter wherever needed.

  3. Project Me -The team works on themselves to be more than what they think they are and be the change.

“Project Me is my initiative and gift to my team members and volunteer team. In this, we come together, exchange skill sets, learn from each other and motivate each other to pursue our passion and share our learning.”

Sharmin shares that the work of FFC is like any other organisational work wherein they have a lot of work in HR, finance, marketing projects, health camps projects, admin work, paperwork, pathshala etc. The NGO runs by self-motivated volunteers who apart from their busy lives and careers spend time in Seva at FFC.

When asked about raising funds, Sharmin says

“We are not funded by the government so the constant source of funds for FFC is through the earnings I make via my business and professional earnings. I am an Artist by Profession.”

Have a look at Sharmin’s work:

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‘Friends for Care’ also have some great donors who often fund their initiatives and projects.


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Currently, Sharmin lives in the UK. She manages FFC projects from there. Sharmin visits India frequently to initiate and evaluate the working of various FFC Projects. She devotes most of her time to FFC and keeps juggling between two countries most part of the year.

FFC gives her immense happiness, joy and satisfaction and though it becomes difficult to manage her work in London, family there and FFC here in India, Sharmin is able to work and travel and give her best in her capability and capacity.

“FFC has been my lifeline and our team and volunteers are the pillars. I am grateful to all the people who have been on this journey during all these years. It has been an incredible journey of Seva and Togetherness.”

Team WOC wishes Sharmin and FFC good luck in their journey to the future. 🙂


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