The Person You Really Need To Marry In Order To Have a Successful Relationship


Tracy McMillan is a television writer and relationship author who wrote the book “Why You’re Not Married”. In her TEDxOlympicBlvdWomen talk, she speaks about the person you really need to marry. And that person according to Tracy is you (own self).

In her talk, she briefs about her history and relationship, which either could be similar to your life issues, or you could feel better about your life or just enjoy her humour and humility around it.

Her childhood experiences and failed marriages, made her realize who actually she is and her true calling, in the talk, she points out that being in a relationship with own self is going to be the “till death do we apart” relationship of life.

From her own experiences and encounters, Tracy deconstructs the vows of traditional marriage and translates them into a marriage to own self.

Vow 1 – Marry yourself for richer or for poorer

Vow 2 – Marry yourself for better or for worse

Vow 3 – Marry yourself in sickness or in health

Tracy in the talk emphasis that marrying yourself is equal to committing to yourself fully and feeling complete. She further added that she was getting married because she didn’t want to be left alone. But soon, she realized what she needed all while.

She further says, “Forgive yourself for your own mistakes and learn from them. Love yourself the way you want someone else to love you. Marrying yourself makes you love people for who they are.”

Tracy McMillan is Woman Of Courage because she learnt from her mistakes and starting living her life on her own terms. Moreover, she believed in herself keeping every other thought out tracked.


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