No Man Dares Trouble A Woman In Her District – Story of Shahana Begum

14 May 2018


They call me Bandookwali Chachi: Shahana Begum

We live in a country where Goddesses are worshipped but at the same time women are harassed and raped. There has to be a change in the people’s perspective or we have to be strong to face any damn situation and fight back.

In our today’s story, we have a 42-year-old strong lady, Shahana Begum who resides in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She is a proud owner of a single barrel gun and is famous as the Bandookwali Chachi, “Aunt with a Gun”. Her strength and courage has taught her how to use the gun and handle it with toughness.

We live in a country where we have different kinds of mentality. Everyone thinks and acts differently. So is the irony with Shahana Begum. She has repeatedly witnessed the struggles which Indian women face on a regular basis. Some men have bad intentions towards women, while some are cheaters. She along with her gun confronts anyone who tries to eve-tease, sexually assault, or hurt a woman or girl in her neighbourhood.

She says, “I am a woman but I have to leave my home sometimes for different reasons. So, my gun is my support and protection. I help myself and others in my district with this gun.”


In our society, when a wife turns into a widow, she is looked upon as an alone creature. When Shahana lost her husband 17 years ago, she used to feel lonely and scared to step outside of her home. There were different kinds of people in her village and some of them were really bad. So she applied for a license to the District Magistrate to use a gun.

Being generous, the Magistrate understood Shahana’s situation well and granted her the license. And since then the gun is like her second husband. She fights any obstacle or problem with the help of the gun. People are scared of her. Their fear has actually made the boys a better person and cautious about doing anything bad.

“No man dares trouble a woman in my district nowadays. They know I will shoot them. I protect the women of my society like a mother and it is the responsibility of every mother to safeguard her children,” she says.


In 2013, she helped a girl who was raped for two days by three men. She helped the girl bringing justice and handed the criminals to the police and forced them to accept the report. The main offender, however, later married the victim and went scot-free.

Shahana feels really good and proud of herself. She feels her bones are getting stronger. As a woman, she has stood up for a cause and people call her Bandookwali Chachi and support her. A lot of men have a problem with her. But she tackles everyone in a smooth run.

Women have become so strong and Shahana has made other women also strong. She wants to protect them till the time she is alive and she has her gun with her. She wants every woman of our country to feel safe and be like her, fearless.

Shahana Begum a.k.a Bandookwali Chachi is a Woman Of Courage because she is head high and determined to help women with domestic issues or ill-treatment.


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