First-Ever Qualified Woman Cricket Coach Is Breaking Stereotypes In The Kashmir Valley

14 May 2018



Hopes & Dreams to Breaking Stereotypes: Story of Sakeena Akhtar

We dream high, but we live low and in the same pursuit, we deny our true calling. Unlike Sakeena Akhtar, who turned her dream into lively passion and working hard for it.

Sakeena, bounded by family pressure had to give up her dream of playing cricket for the nation. But, she didn’t let her passion get collapsed under her heart. Today, she is guiding numerous young cricket aspirants in the Kashmir Valley. For the last eight years, Sakeena is serving as a Cricket Coach at Kashmir University and is the only qualified female cricket coach in Kashmir.

In our country, the cricket followers are in a huge number and so is the number of people playing it. Sakeena too dreamt to play and make the nation proud, but the destiny had some other plan. She couldn’t play herself, but she made many play.

Sakeena is breaking stereotypes in every way. Hailing from Munawarabad in Srinagar, she is currently coaching under-19 State Girls Team.

Kashmir has had its own histories and in the same regard when it comes to providing wings to the dreams of girls is highly questionable. Sakeena, herself couldn’t play and turn her dream into reality but instead she turned her dream into sheer passion by providing wings to the many cricket aspirants she trains.

 When Sakeena was a kid, she was part of a boys’ cricket team in her locality. It was there that she learned the nuances of the game. Sakeena Akhtar started playing at a very early age. But, her journey as a cricketer was a tough one, only because of social acceptance for girls. She spent many years fighting the system and a conservative society to bring sports to girls.

Sakeena is planning to do all the three levels of coaching, after which she will become a National Coach, which will enable her to coach cricket enthusiasts anywhere in India and not confined only within boundaries of Kashmir.

In life, it’s necessary to live and believe. Both, living and believing goes hand in hand. Sakeena’s realistic approach towards training girls and getting them into the game professionally is praiseworthy.

 Today, she regrets nothing. She couldn’t play cricket but at other front, she is sharing her skills and techniques with the younger generation. Coaching presented the perfect platform to pass on her expertise and understanding of the game to the future cricketers.

Sakeena Akhtar has come a long way, breaking stereotypes, and standing head high. She is a Woman Of Courage because, with her determination and persistence, she is living her passion and adding feathers of flight to the girls willing to play cricket professionally.


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