INSPIRATION: Priyanka Jain Princy Started A Roti Bank To Feed The Poor – Darpan Roti Bank

23 May 2018

Priyanka Jain WOC Article


We live in a country where the rich people are becoming richer and the poor, poorer. If this continues, there will be a time when the economic status of individuals will be just a topic for debate. Yes, the government plays a crucial role in its policy. But, don’t we as enlightened citizens of the country have our responsibilities towards our nation?

In our today’s story, we are talking about one such enlightened citizen, who cares and concerns for the people who don’t even have food to eat, no shelter to stay and sadly, no life as such to live. Meet Priyanka Jain ‘Princy’; hailing from Patan, Madhya Pradesh. She believes that food is the basic amenity of life and, so to provide at least one-time food to poor people, she started a bank named, ‘Darpan Roti Bank’.

In our country, there is a huge mass of people who sleep everyday empty stomach. Also, at times these destitute scatter the garbage heaps and eat the waste food they find. Priyanka, through her bank, helps the poor, to eat food which is healthy, hygienic and delicious.

We can understand the happiness to have eaten good food. Priyanka is undoubtedly doing a pleasant job by helping the needful. A student, a daughter, a social worker and also an employee, Priyanka always had the grit and determination to do something good for deprived people.

While in college, Priyanka played NCC, NSS and State game. And also, she got an opportunity to attend State & National NCC camp. It was at this camp she realized that there are many who don’t have access to fill their stomach for once in a day!

priyanka with team woc

Priyanka is an enlightened and aware citizen of the nation because she believes in bringing a change and reasons to bring a smile to people. In her initial struggle to promote her Darpan Roti Bank, she didn’t acquire much support from her college. So, she stood on social media platforms to raise her voice, spread awareness and receive help.  She had a wild passion in her to help the empty stomach fill and raise hope for them to live.

Darpan in ‘Darpan Roti Bank’ signifies, to get enlightened about your existence and that you deserve the equal amount of respect that others receive. It implies an awareness of existence. Priyanka through her bank wishes to get reach to the poor mass and help them with food.

“Plan your work for today and every day, and then work your plan.” It’s truly said and Priyanka lives by it. She schedules her day and implements it. Early wake up followed by household chores, travelling to Jabalpur for college, office work and also social services. She believes in staying prepared all the time. You can face any situation at any point of time. And at that time, there’s no point of staying back.

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Priyanka a.k.a. Princy along with her team knocks down at midnight if anyone is in need of blood. They distribute food to the poor; impart knowledge, education and encouragement to the deprived kids for their betterment. They provide them with clothes and bed. And, also they help them in earning wages to carry forward their livelihood. Priyanka wants to help as many deprived people as she can and make their lives a beautiful one.

A message she wishes to share with everyone: “Don’t look down at your achievements and be proud of it. Instead, share a little of it with the one who is in need of it. Give a glass of water from your ocean. You won’t be empty but you will fill someone. Let help people step forward and make their stand.”

She wishes to share the slogans of their Darpan Roti Bank mission: “Zarurad mando ki seva hi Darpan Roti Bank ki pehchan hai.” “Roti Bank ka hai yeh sapna bhukha na sooye koi apna.”

Priyanka Jain is a Woman of Courage because she is firm with her heart to bring in a change and make a better human. She believes in Simple Living, High Thinking and that’s what makes her a Woman of Courage.


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