An Extraordinary Anti-Bullying Hero – Lizzie Velásquez


Lizzie Velásquez – Extraordinary Anti-Bullying Hero

Once labelled the ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’, Lizzie is fighting back with boundless optimism.

She is different. Her looks make her different because Lizzie was born with an extremely rare genetic condition which prevents her from gaining weight. She has never weighed more than 29kg, despite consuming a whopping 6000 calories every day. She is blind in her right eye and vision impaired in her left. Her heart is also at risk that it might dilate to the point of abruptly rupturing.

 “Beyond scheduling regular checkups with my cardiologist, there is no way to know if or when my heart condition might become critical,” she writes in her new book, ‘Dare to be Kind’.

Being unique asks for huge struggles and challenges. Yet Lizzie stands head high and faces the world like a warrior. She has accepted her flaws and doesn’t let her circumstances define her. Lizzie has become a highly successful motivational speaker, an anti-bullying activist, an author and a YouTube star.

Lizzie Velasquez is truly a Woman Of Courage because she dared dream to fit in the society of beautiful and handsome and stole everyone’s heart with her simplicity and innocence.


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