From Rag Picker To TedTalk Speaker – Chandni Is Now Educating Slum Children.

26 May 2018


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In our fast-growing life, we fail to see what’s exactly in front of our eyes. People rarely see the innocence on the faces of small kids wandering here and there on streets, footpaths, and signals. These kids deserve happiness too and also some space where they can build themselves and shape their future.

In our today’s story, we have a Slum Kid who went on to reshape her destiny and is now helping others to build their fate. Meet Chandni who was born in the slums of Noida, a place where several kids take birth and die in oblivion. Chandni made her finest effort to build a path towards brightness from dark and helped others to crawl on it and make a life worth living.

Chandni used to travel along with her father at an age of five to perform street magic shows, dance and play with snakes, even late at night. She also collected rags at that time. Like other slum kids, Chandni too went off to do odd jobs to help her family and meet the financial needs.

Things fall apart for her when her father met with an untimely death. Chandni became responsible overnight for her family and their survival. During that time, she earned a mere ₹30 a day.

Chandni has been through a hell lot in her childhood days, from verbal abuse and dog bites to also having jailed over a false accusation of stealing. Chandni had to keep shifting her job. She sold flowers on streets and also corn. During one of these monotonous days, she got lucky and met a few NGO volunteers who were educating children from the slums. It was then that she discovered her purpose and enrolled herself with “Badhte Kadam”.


chandni with children


Chandni is now a 20-year-old pretty lady. She was 10 when she enrolled herself in an open school and began her education. She is studying in class 11 presently. Soon after commencing her studies, she realized its importance and started inspiring communities to educate their kids.

There are 64 million people in India who are living in slums nationwide with a meaningless, aimless, futile life. It’s worse than death. Chandni is bringing light in dark lives of these slum kids.                                                                                                                                                                     

Chandni continued working for Badhte Kadam and also helped them open new education centres. With her constant efforts, she connected more and more children to these centres. Soon, she was appointed District Secretary and later promoted to National Secretary.

Chandni Di also got an opportunity to work with a newspaper by and for slum kids – Balaknama where she was an editor.

“This is a part of my life which will always remain memorable because we did a range of stories around the lives of street children, issues of sexual abuse, child labour, police brutality, as well as stories of hope and positive change,” says Chandni.

Later, she left Balaknama at 18 because they did not look after under-aged children.

There was a firm determination within Chandni to make a difference by starting something on her own. And this led her to commence Voice of Slum along with her friend and mentor, Dev Pratap Singh.


chandni with team


Voice of Slum is a Non-Governmental organisation which focuses on bringing slum kids into mainstream society. Their mission is to reduce illiteracy rate. Even the slums kids deserve a primary education because they will help in nation building. Through Voice of Slum, Chandni is fighting against issues like Child Labour, Girl Child, Child trafficking, and Gender Inequality.

She firmly emphasis to educate and create awareness of their basic rights like Right to Survive, Right to Protection, Right to Participation and Right to Development.

Chandni stepped the platform of social media to raise awareness. She studied the digital skills and implemented strongly. Through her social media, she created awareness about welfare programmes and also helped disadvantaged sections of the society grow.

She was featured in a live show on Radio Mirchi, India Today and then a prestigious TedTalks in Bangalore. Chandni’s story has left a remarkable impact, from rag picker to TedTalk speaker!

Chandni is a Woman of Courage in every sense of the word because her life story is one big blockbuster. A past heartfelt and filled with suffering, a present full of hope and endurance, and a future that promises to be brighter than ever before.

Team WOC conveys loads of love and blessings to the sparkling supergirl, Chandni.


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