Divya Ramachandran: An Artist Who Is Creating a Wider Space In The Minds Of People With Her Art.

1 November 2017

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Art has spread across the world over the many decades and has created a multitude of dimensions. Modern art today has no specific limits or constraints. The most beautiful thing about art is that it conveys any message easily in a visually appealing manner. And when it comes to ART, women seem to be taking a step forward.

In today’s story, we have a woman who is spreading art with a paintbrush in hand and is determined to create impact on young minds. Meet Divya Ramachandran from Chennai who is also known as ‘The Cowgirl with paint guns in her pockets!”

Divya’s journey started after she completed her Masters in Design from Milan, Italy and commenced her career teaching Design at Srishti College of Art, Design and Technology at Bengaluru.

Srishti had a great collaborative spirit within it. There were designers, writers, and many more artists who would collaborate with students and produce art in various forms.


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Divya’s wall art started right about then. Divya, her students and colleagues painted the entryway and exit path to the college exhibition in a special way, making the space livelier and more enticing. Guests who saw it, admired it and liked it so much that they were wanted to see more wall paintings all around the city. And so, Divya with her team painted some of the walls around the university.

She soon started updating her Facebook page which gathered a larger audience. Divya received calls from various people asking her to paint the walls of their homes, cafes and even gyms. She started receiving more personal and commercial projects on the go.



Divya wanted to go around the country after she started her career at Srishti. She wanted to see other spaces which were filled with art and widen her perspective about the teaching space and how art was taught to children.

She went to the interiors of the country, to the areas where schools were socially set up, where the financial conditions were moderate. To her surprise, the creative capacity of the rural children was much more than the city children. The quality of work was deeper and more concrete.

Divya realised that the village kids had a greater thirst to learn and gain knowledge. The kids were much more focused, enthusiastic and receptive to learning.

She took workshops for the kids and that’s how she got to know more about their potential.


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Ms. Ramachandran’s mornings are spent teaching and during the evenings she spends her time at Rainbow Fish Studio creating unique art syllabuses for schools. These included aspects from all around the world and they tactfully guide the children in widening their artistic knowledge.

Across Chennai, Divya Ramachandran is recognized and appreciated for the work she does. And the motivation from people gives her hope to do more.

Recently, a group associated with a campaign for saving rivers got in touch with her. They want to collaborate to get emotive art work on walls on the importance of rivers. Pachayats of villages in Haryana have got in touch with her for artwork in their village spaces.


Divya believes that people have a lot to say and they can definitely convey it through art. She feels that art has a social impact on the lives of people. It has a deeper meaning associated to it. And when a group of people come together, they surely can create great, substantial and meaningful art. She says that collaboration is a big part of her work and more collaborative projects should be done across the world.

Divya Ramachandran is a Woman of Courage because she is bold and independent of her thoughts. With her art, she creates a wider space in the minds of people leaving a major impact.

We wish her luck and more power.


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