The Spiritual Journey Of The Famous Yoga Trainer – Hetal Didi

14 October 2017

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Living in a society, following its norms and regulations, having a family are the basics for a sustainable life. We take birth, we live and we die. What is the purpose of our life? The one who has actually known the purpose of life has booked his ticket to heaven. The living is scientific, but living with spirituality is something. And that’s what Hetal Didi has been doing and continues to do in her life.

Whose speech and behaviour prevents the continuous flow of melody, whose every work is a sculpted idol of art, whose heart is in love, compassion and strangely afflicted by devotion, who has turned her face away from all the world’s pleasure and has called herself in the service of Indian culture and creatures, such worshiped Hetal Didi is not only Gujarat’s but entire India’s rhetorical modern Mirabai.

She has acquired and gained specialized training of Yoga Vidhya from world-renowned Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev Maharaja. By organizing Nishulya Yoga Chikista Shibiro and Yoga Sadhana Shibiro in many provinces of the country including Gujarat, through her supernatural talents and divine experiences, millions of patients have been given the path of the seekers of salvation.

The Tejaswini Sanskruti Charitable Sansthan, founded by her is a revival of ancient Arya culture, ancient chikista system and ancient traditions. It is a great effort to revitalize and for the welfare of patients, orphaned children, widows, parishes and untouchables.

Her upbringing, the teachings from her parents were spiritual since her birth. Once, in her life, she went under depression and during that phase, she came across Baba Ramdev’s Rog Relief Yoga Shibir.

She went to attend the shibir with one of her friends to Haridwar to learn the Yoga and then become a Yoga Trainer. She was a part of the very first batch of being a Yoga Trainer in the year 2006.

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From then till today, she has conducted more than 550 Yoga Shibirs and has reached to minimum 5.5 lakhs people directly which consists of children, youth and aged people. The people who attended her shibir insisted her to start sessions of Katha where she would deliver the slokas from Shrimand Bhagwad Gita which would create an aura of true spirituality.

Hetal Didi believes that the spiritual knowledge is meant not only for aged people who have devoted their lives to the Almighty but also for the youth who has to know the meaning of life.

She had an intuition and so she decided to have a Triveni Sangam of Bhagwad Katha, Shiv Katha and Ram Katha and named it as Jeevan Katha Mrutam, where through the slokas of Bhagwad Gita, one can bring peaceful changes in life and can make the social life and personal life better.

She feels happy in imparting spirituality into the lives of people and getting the acknowledgement makes her feel blessed.

She received a spiritual environment since childhood. Morning prayers, evening prayers and before bed prayers were an important part of her daily chores. In her earlier life, she was not calm, silent and at peace like Sabribai and Mirabai. Instead, she had a persona of Jhansi Ki Rani. She would ride bikes and scooters and would stand upright for women and their rights.

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The work she does is still very much same but the medium has changed. The only difference is, earlier it was with strength and now it is with a peaceful mind.

For her physical changes, she gives the credit to Yoga and for her mental changes; she gives the credit to her life lessons, her intuitions, her parents, her spiritual guru and our ancient scriptures. She has read the scriptures thoroughly which contains many texts about our mental state. Reading these texts has made her mind calm and relax and has certainly brought peace to her life and mind.

She has a message to share: Yoga doesn’t mean only asanas. Yoga is a combination of healthy thought process, healthy learning, positive wishes for life and bringing our body at one conscious state.

There are three types of Yoga. Gyan Yoga, which is having knowledge. One is Karma Yoga, which is implementing the knowledge in practical life. And the third is Bhakti Yoga, which is the love and devotion. If we attain all these three yoga, then we can reach to the tomb.

Aasanas are for physical fitness. Pranayam is for mental fitness. And Dhyan (meditation) is for the soul. Hetal Didi says that, don’t follow anyone blindly. If you believe from within, then take a step and make your life better. Don’t have an illusion for anything. First get a surety and then take a jump to live life and then to love life. If you start believing without knowing, then it is disbelief.

Hetal Didi is a Woman of Courage because she has been living for the people and will continue to do so. The spiritual journey is deep and she has attained the deepness.

Team WomenOfCourage is thankful to Pujya Hetal Didi for sparing her valuable time with us and imparting us with the richness of Yoga knowledge.

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