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8 October 2017

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We women transform ourselves into the variety of roles by being a daughter, to a wife and to a mother. Our journey seems endless. In our today’s story, we have a woman who is on a journey to empower women.

Meet Shalu R Varadkar who is a founder of ‘Mommies World For U & Me’. Her venture is rapidly bridging the gap between the virtual and real world. Shalu herself spearheads multiple workshops and seminars on parenting. She believes that a mother is also a woman first, she endeavours to support mompreneurs.

Shalu runs this parenting forum which is connected across the globe with mothers. She also owns a business of event management and HR, named Solutions Consultant- Events & HR since past 16 years based out of Mumbai.

Her inspiration behind ‘Mommies World For U & Me’ is her 3-year-old son and through both her venture and business, she wants to empower women and work for development and growth of children.

‘Mommies World For U & Me’ is a result of her dad’s faith in her. Shalu lost her father after a month of delivering her baby. As a new mother, she realized that there must be several mothers across the globe that must need a platform not only for their babies but also for their families. And so, she started this initiative in February 2014 on WhatsApp and later, on 29th April 2015 it was officially launched on Facebook to help every mother and their loved one.

While she was on a break from Solutions Consultant, ‘Mommies World For U & Me’ happened to her. It was a random initiative which soon became the goal of her life.

She says,

“We are working with lots of women who look for a platform where they can promote themselves. ‘Mommies World For U & Me’ is such a forum where every woman is welcomed and given equal space. We also make sure to feature those women on our forum who can help in the organic growth of the forum and spread the word about it.”

Having accomplishing such heights in life, Shalu considers her father as her role model, mentor and lifeline. After her father, it has been her husband who has constantly helped her at every step and has been there like her backbone. For Shalu, her husband is her best critic and well-wisher.

Shalu Varadkar dreams to touch the sky. She wants to touch the lives around her. To make her father proud and to be able to fulfil her son’s desires. She wants to become the best mother to her kid, a successful entrepreneur in professional life and a child at heart on the personal front.

“I’m so proud to share that ‘Mommies World For You & Me’ isn’t helping mommies or kids only but, their families as well, in lots of ways, virtually,” she says.

Shalu R Varadkar is a Woman of Courage because she lived by her dream which was not only for her own self but for the mothers around the globe.

Team WOC wishes Shalu a very good luck for her future journey and making proud mothers across the globe.

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