Meet Kavya Kopparapu – Indian-Origin 16-Year-Old Girl, Who Invented An AI-Based App That Can Quickly Diagnose Eye Disease.

Creative minds of the intellectuals have proved that anything can be possible in a simpler and accurate technique. This creative mind can be anyone, even a girl. Girls can do anything and everything. Girls can innovate. Girls can invent. Girls can rectify. Girls can nullify.

In our today’s story, we are talking about Kavya Kopparapu who has invented a simple, cheap and new screening tool for Diabetic Retinopathy (DR).

It is known that diabetes can lead to blindness. This complication is called diabetic retinopathy when blood vessels are progressively damaged in the retina. It is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world.

This problem is unnoticed in more than 50% cases. And the lack of diagnosis is the biggest challenge. Kavya’s grandfather who happened to have diagnosed with DR, made her think of it and invent a tool which would be helpful for many people who happen to be sufferers of the same.

Kavya developed q smartphone application that can screen for the disease with the help of a specially trained artificial intelligence program and simple 3D printed lens attachment.

She named her invention Eyeagnosis and she presented it at O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in New York.

Kavya is an excellent student in computer science and she is a lot fascinated by artificial intelligence. She decided to train a neural network to recognise pictures of what DR looks like.

She and her team which consists of her brother Neeyanth and classmate Justin Zhang have fed their neutral network a database of 34,000 retinal scans from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

The traditional technique to diagnose is highly expensive. The application invented by Kavya uses a simple 3D printed lens that concentrates light from the smartphone camera flash on the back of the eye.

Kavya had to test her app and so she arranged the testing at a Mumbai hospital. So far the app has done just as well as a human specialist.

Ophthalmologist J. Fielding Hejtmancik admits that the app has excellent potential, noting that its main drawback might be the fact it’s too cheap, with companies looking for tools with bigger profit margins. Kavya has researched thoroughly and has asked for an expert opinion from an ophthalmologist, biochemists, AI experts, neuroscientist and more.

Kavya is a strong-willed 16-year-old girl. She wants to be known as a computer scientist that happens to be a girl and not a girl that happens to be a computer scientist. She enjoys sharing her experiences and knowledge with others. Kavya believes education is the ultimate weapon to fight ignorance and hopes to continue to play a role as an educator throughout her schooling and career. 

Kavya Kopparapu is also the founder and CEO of Girls Computing League, which is a non-profit that provides computer science and coding workshops to underprivileged groups and features an impressive list of executive supporters and commercial sponsors.

Kavya Kopparapu is Woman Of Courage because at a mere age of 16 she aspired to invent something so technical that could be useful to many. She is an example for many out there.

Team WOC cheers Kavya for her achievement and wishes her all greatness in all her future discoveries.


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