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3 October 2017

Dhara Shah Mehta - WOC Article


Motherhood is an overwhelming experience. It brings unexpected surprises and cherishing glories to life. The teaching of motherhood is learning for a mother and from this learning, Dhara Mehta entered the world of entrepreneurs with her venture ‘The Kids Company.’

Dhara calls herself a contemporary educator rather than a teacher. Her venture is an intelligence building activity centre for kids, which offers a fun-filled and intellectually stimulating program to children in the age group of 3-7 years. And behind the commencement of her entrepreneurial venture, her biggest inspiration is her 9-year-old son who is an inquisitive and chirpy child.

The lessons Dhara learned being a mother are the reason for her exploration to this career field. No other formal education and training would have made her choose such path.

Dhara says, “I am a perfectionist who hates procrastinating things and I will only be at peace when I have struck off all the things on my to-do list!”


Being a wife to an investment banker with a demanding job, a homemaker running a nuclear family of three, hands-on motherhood to a fast growing kid and a zealous founder of ‘The Kids Company’, her job list keeps refreshing every single day and at times multiple times a day.

Having had a corporate background and sudden transformation into entrepreneurship was a task which she tackled well. Ms Mehta worked as a media manager in a leading advertising and media house and to raise her kid, she took a sabbatical. But to her knowledge, it turned out to be a final goodbye to the corporate world.

Raising her son from an infant to a toddler, Dhara spent some quality time instead of playing board games, puzzles and blocks. And that’s when she realized the power of games.

“A child can think, discover, create, explore, interact, have fun all at the same time while playing games,” she states.


Dhara started believing that play is the work of childhood and is the highest form of education and later observing other mothers and their children around she realized that play was the best educational tool an adult could have. Having figured out such dimension, she was ignited with determination to create a service that would bridge the gap between play and learning.

Dhara’s goal was to reach out to the pre-primary kids with this service. It sounded vague to the people around her but she believed in her dreams and taking a step forward, she took up a formal course in early childhood education and care and also worked in a day-care cum activity centre.

Both, theoretical knowledge and practical experience reinforced her belief that early childhood education should be filled with lots of enjoyment and play so that children do not miss out on the most important ingredient if growing up. And all this made her give birth to her venture, The Kids Company.

At her venture, they specialize in academic enrichment, brain games, building logical intelligence, instilling creative thinking and learning through play. Their curriculum has been designed to enable learning through an interesting blend of specially curated award-winning educational games, I.Q. sessions, puzzles, mazes, crosswords, sudoku and many more brain tickling activities.

They also have special LEGO sessions through which they take their kids on a journey to explore their imagination and creativity.

Having said that Dhara is a perfectionist, she plans her week in advance which includes an action-packed schedule of juggling between emails, planning sessions, filling up on groceries, client meeting, and the TKC’s sessions.

Dhara Mehta strongly believes in – ‘Organise your life around your dreams – and watch them come true.’ Dhara lives her life in accordance to fulfilling her dreams and wishing to turn them real.

Her passion and inspiration both are the same – ‘children’. It is her continuous endeavour to keep herself abreast with children’s varied needs, likes and interests.

In near future, Dhara wants to reach out to maximum kids in the city. What started off with only two kids, is now reaching out to hundreds of kids, not only from the vicinity, but they have a lot of NRI kids too.

In just four years, TKC has featured in almost all the leading dailies of Mumbai and bagged some Kids & Mothers choice awards with loads of positive parent testimonies. “All this with ‘zero’ marketing cost is surely reassuring that I am doing something right,” she says.

She believes in following her passion and never failing to life. And that makes her a courageous woman.

Dhara Shah Mehta is a Woman of Courage because she has turned her learning of motherhood into her career field and with sheer determination earned happy faces of tiny tots.


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