Founder of ‘MaaOfAllBlogs’ Prerna Sinha Inspires Moms To Look Beyond Motherhood.

25 October 2017

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So many jobs available in the world, but there is a job, which is a full time one and for which there is no salary in return – “motherhood”.

Our today’s Woman Of Courage is Prerna Sinha who runs ‘MaaOfAllBlogs’ which is all about Prerna’s experiences as a mother and as a woman. The blog is focused on mothers more than kids. The idea is to inspire moms to look beyond motherhood and find the individuality in them.

Prerna writes about her life instances and through her posts she wishes to inspire the mothers. Her idea is to break that shell that women cocoon themselves in after marriage and child.

Being born and brought up in the small town of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Prerna later moved to Delhi for her higher studies. She had a simple and ordinary childhood. However, since childhood, she was inspired by strong women that she read about. And Prerna wanted to live independently and earn her living.

The inspiration to start ‘MaaOfAllBlogs’ was somewhere associated with her being a mother.

“I think when you become a mom there is a sea change that comes into your life and the memories of that are so vivid that they stay through your life. I wanted to share that with other women. In my time, I had some glamorous notions of motherhood and I wanted to share what really motherhood was all about,” she says.

Prerna had quit her job and started writing to share her thoughts. She had started three blogs and would write about her experiences. Soon after 1.5 years, she realized that running three blogs simultaneously was a task and so she decided to consolidate them under one which turned out to be MaaOfAllBlogs.

Prerna is a mother and so she knows what challenges it brings and what happiness it creates. For her, motherhood is a journey that took her by surprise and every time she thought she has the hang of it, it throws new challenges. And it is the reason a mother has a full-time job.

When Prerna started the blog, she had no idea where she was heading to.

“Blogging is so vague that I can’t say when I am struggling and when I am shining,” she says.

 Prerna didn’t have any competition but the Facebook groups and portals made it more and more difficult every day.

Prerna’s wish is to reach out to more moms through workshops online and offline. Other than blogging, she raises her kids and maintains her fitness routine which involves yoga, running and gymming.

A mother and a blogger, she manages both the duties quite efficiently. Prerna keeps a record of her work and tries to finish it before her kids arrive so that she can spend a quality time with her kids.

In the year 2016 and 2017, Prerna Sinha was rated as one of the top 10 mommy bloggers in India by various websites. This made her confidence boost and she believes that when the hard work is appreciated, it does bring the zest to work even harder. Prerna has recently finished trekking to Everest base camp and Kala Patthar.

Believe, Achieve, Succeed – is what Prerna compassionately follows.

Prerna Sinha is a Woman of Courage because she doesn’t need affirmation from others, she believes in herself. Her passion to share her life incidents and the motherhood experiences make her a positive willed woman.


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