Born As A Premature Baby With Cerebral Palsy, Rajvi Gosalia’s Story Will Remind You To Never Give Up On Your Dreams.

28 October 2017

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If we look around in the society, we will find disabilities. These disabilities may be varied but the abilities are wonders.

Differently abled people are also humans with blood in veins but our society is hesitant to make their pace. We read so many stories about disabilities and then wonder why on planet earth are they facing such conditions?

However, the fact remains that God has an ideal plan for each one of us. And so do they have their lives planned. Today we have a courageous woman who has a completely positive attitude and approaches for living life.

Meet Rajvi Gosalia, born as a premature baby with a neurological disease called Cerebral Palsy, which is a permanent movement disorder. It can either be congenital or due to complications at birth. Rajvi faces this condition due to latter.

Cerebral Palsy is caused by abnormal development or damage to the parts of the brain that control movement, balance, and posture. Babies with this disorder do not roll over, sit, crawl, or walk as early as other children.

Rajvi has accepted herself as she is and her condition doesn’t let her not to dream. She dreams and aspires to achieve all that she wants. She has a very positive outlook for the life she lives.

Obviously, every human struggles. Normal human being struggles to achieve a certain goal of life whereas differently abled human beings struggle to prove their existence. Rajvi also struggled and so her parents did but she didn’t stop dreaming.

Being born and brought up in a city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Rajvi completed her schooling from a normal school. For admitting her in school, her parents had to fight for their daughter’s rights.

No school wanted to admit a girl with a disability. But Rajvi, unlike other children is different but her IQ is like them or maybe more than the normal kids and this made her mother determined to educate her.

Everyone was against the decision of her mother to make her study. At a moment, her father also didn’t want Rajvi to study for time being because he didn’t want her to face so much at the same time. He wished to educate her and achieve her dreams but not at the cost of her health state and also her treatment was on. Her mother’s firm determination made her admitted to a school.

Fights, rejections and finally a ray of hope. Initially, Rajvi couldn’t hold a pencil in her hands. Slowly and gradually her mother made her practice and so she was able to make her stand in between the normal kids.

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Rajvi’s parents always wanted to give her a normal life. And so they always took her to parties and functions. They didn’t let her feel weird or awkward. They gave her a normal environment which every kid would desire.

When she gained maturity, she had accepted herself as she is. Her parents took her to various doctors, physiotherapists and consultants. They even worshipped temples. Rajvi had accepted her being but for her parents’ sake, she agreed to every decision.

Her parents are her backbone. Even her younger sister understands her and looks into Rajvi’s needs and necessities. She is a friend, sister and a person with whom Rajvi can share all her problems and happiness.

In societal life, Rajvi is associated with various NGOs. She is a motivational speaker and a life coach. When she attained maturity, she wanted to become a doctor. But after researching, she found that she won’t be admitted to the college. And like a brave person, she decided her faith. She did her graduation being an external student.

Rajvi wanted to fly abroad for her post-graduation. She personally doesn’t want to stay in India. The main reason is infrastructure and the mentality of people. She researched and found that there are more disabilities in foreign countries than in India. However, the technologies are far advanced.

There are many organizations who wish to offer an automated wheelchair to Rajvi. But she disagrees to their offer. Reason being, there is no space to operate such a wheelchair. The roads are not suitable and the traffic. Rajvi feels frightened.

Today, Rajvi has made her own stand in the world. She has faced ups and downs in life but they didn’t let her break her belief. On every step, she would have an emotional, physical or mental breakdown but, maturity bestowed upon her. She realized her worth.

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Associating to NGOs and meeting people and getting introduced to other disabled made her feel that she is not alone in this world. There are many more like her. And she gained confidence.

Rajvi desires to be a part of the private corporate world. And so, she is giving various interviews. Sadly, she is facing rejections due to her disabilities. No one wants to consider her abilities which are numerous but her one single disability is unwanted to the companies.

We, the citizens of the country must understand our respective roles in making our country prosper. Every citizen has an equal right. But the opportunity is snatched from the hands of the disabled even after having the required qualifications. Rajvi has set an ideal example for all the people who give up and even have tried to commit suicide.

She feels sorrow for the fact that society has such a narrow mindset. They can only be sympathetic and that hurts Rajvi and also her parents because they have come a long way to give Rajvi the life she lives today. “90% people know it’s wrong yet, follows the norms blindly. They should stop these practices,” says Rajvi.

She has a message to convey: “Keep your struggle aside. Don’t let your struggle become a stoppage of your aspirations. We have to live in a society and we have to contradict them if we know we are right. We have to make them realise that we exist. Just dream and fulfil them.”

Rajvi Gosalia is a Woman of Courage because she is independent and a survivor. She never stops dreaming and makes her best effort in making her dreams come true.


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