Honey Kathuria’s ‘Kowrk’ Can Help You To Find The Best Shared Office Across The Countries

7 September 2017

Honey Jain Kathuria WOC

“Even Impossible says I’M possible,” is Honey’s life mantra.

Honey Jain Kathuria, the founder of Kowrk.com, is an experienced consultant and holds an MBA degree from Symbiosis Centre of Management and Human Resource Development.

Belonging to a business family, she always wanted to start something of her own. Her 14 years of work experience across five countries have equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to use her skills to successfully launch her own business.

Honey’s venture, Kowrk, is a platform that enables The Future of Work™ by connecting users and providers of shared workspaces. Kowrk connects providers of office space, such as people with spare desks in their offices, coworking spaces, business centres, and coworking cafés, with people looking for it. For users, finding, comparing and booking a shared office across countries is as easy as booking a hotel.

Kowrk offers an easy to use the location-based search function that lists all spaces available within a specified distance of the user. Kowrk is currently present in 25 cities across the globe.

Honey had an amazing childhood where her parents believed in the value of education and extracurricular activities. Hence she and her siblings participated and won many competitions. She was an all-rounder, a topper throughout school and college.

Honey says, “My childhood ambition was to travel around the world”. She wanted to be a teacher because she thought that teachers travel to conferences in different cities. However, she realized that a PhD would require many years of studies and self-motivation. Having always wanted to start her own business, she first joined the corporate world, saved money, and built Kowrk to what it is today: an international brand.

Honey launched Kowrk in 2015 with 20+ spaces in Hong Kong. At that time, her team worked from different coworking spaces and coffee shops. By 2016, they had expanded to 90+ spaces in Singapore and 3 metro cities in India. Kowrk has been on a steep growth trajectory with more than 300 different spaces in 2017.

Honey describes her initial six months with the venture as crazy.

“It was like a roller coaster ride with unexpected ups and downs at every turn. We faced challenges with product stability and organic traffic growth. We were ecstatic when we got out the first customer, gained 2K+ followers on Twitter and were covered on international media platforms,” she says.

When asked how she manages her stress and overcomes difficulties, she said that she believes in herself. She has the confidence to chase her dreams. Unconditional support from her family has helped her overcome challenges.

Honey is the mother of a 3-month-old boy. When she leaves for work, her baby is the main thing on her mind. She manages her work life and home life quite smoothly. Honey says,

“It has been challenging to manage a startup along with a newborn. But having a full-time nanny has really helped us.”

Her mother and grandfather were her constant sources of inspiration and motivation during her childhood. And today, her husband, family and friends are her sound walls. She believes that they are the reason why she bounces back from lows and succeeds in achieving highs. “Their confidence, honest feedback, support, and love has made me a realistic dreamer and an achiever,” says Honey with a smile on her face.

One of the most important things that she has learned in her journey as an entrepreneur is that since time waits for no one, there is no point waiting for the right time. With confidence and passion, time can be turned around to go your way. Honey wishes to share a message:

“To all who want to become an entrepreneur one day, my advice will be to go ahead and take the plunge. You will never be fully ready to be an entrepreneur, so why wait?”

Honey Jain Kathuria is undoubtedly a Woman of Courage. To start her venture, Kowrk, she had to let go of a six figure salary. That’s certainly not easy to do. Her dedication, willingness to take risks and enthusiasm turned her dreams into reality and led her to fulfil her passion through Kowrk.

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