INSPIRATION: Tina Jain Joined Hands With The Government To Enhance The Overall Teaching Process.

14 August 2017

Tina Jain WoC

In life, we get inspired from anything and sometimes everything around us. Since childhood, we are taught some necessities of life, one of which is education. Yet, there are many who are underprivileged. The government is somehow unable to meet the needs of our societies. The actions are taken, but implementations sometimes are not effective. This ultimately results in deprivation.

Tina Jain, a college student has joined hands with the government to help provide the children with enrichment. Her team has come up with a concept where they are using physical space as a tool for child development. They are transforming school building in such a way that they enhance visual learning among children. This will ultimately enhance the overall teaching process.

Education is essential in today’s world. Without it, a person in mentally inactive.

With the concept of Tina and her team, the students in and around campus will see the walls. Looking those walls every day will give the children a permanent registration of the teaching in minds. Thus, this will help the children in developing their general awareness and an overall knowledge.

Seeing the poor kids wandering on the streets and the victims of child labour, Tina had a feeling of sadness and at the same time, she used to feel the lack of opportunities with which the poor kids are deprived of. Her initiative/project is to nurture the poor.

So, that one day will arrive when there will be none who will be deprived of education.

Tina aims at bringing some change in the life of these children, give them the happiness they deserve, give them passion they want in life, give them hope and courage.

Tina Jain’s team conducts workshops where they have various sessions of language and communication, reading and skill development, plantation, extra curricular activities like dance, craft, and drawing. These workshops build the child strong and prepare him for the battles that he will have to fight in the future.

Tina says, “Literacy in India is a big concern. Where children of 4-5th can’t even have a reading skill, what is the use of going to school. We are trying to improve reading skill of these kids.”

The activities they perform, give the children an opportunity to overview themselves inside out.

Tina and her team have struggled for their concept to be approved by everyone. To convince the society and the teachers of the school being the biggest struggle, they went to BSA officers to seek the permission. Slowly gradually they got the approval for the concept.

The teachers after acknowledging the basic idea became supportive and came up with innovative ideas which were further helpful. Society, on the other hand, helped with donating books.

Tina wanted to bring a change and to make a change on large scale; she had to start from somewhere. Her dedication and compassion directly or indirectly come from her parents.

Ms Jain considers her parents as her role model because she thinks the love, care, hard work and healthy upbringing she received from them is incredible and that in turn made her what she is today.

“I am blessed to have such parents who support me in my decisions, who give their suggestions and advice, who hold my hand no matter what. I wish I could be 10% of what they really are. They are just my everyday motivation,” she states with a smile.

Making parents proud is a wish every child wants to accomplish in life. Parents give us the greatest gift anyone can give. They believe in us and make us capable of tackling every situation.

Tina will always be grateful to her parents and will continue making them proud.

She believes that we just have one life to live. Either we waste it on counting our regrets or we count our blessings and keep moving in the direction of our goal.

Tina wants to just keep working hard and wants to live that day when change is done on the whole. She feels that in the end the actual happiness will surely knock the door and we will let enter it with a huge welcome.



She wishes to convey a message to the people out there. “Life is short, embrace it. Make a little change in society. Your one little step can make a difference. There are many children out there who lack food, proper education, and proper guideline. Let us all join hand and start helping the needy ones. Our steps will make a difference for sure.”

Tina Jain is a Woman of Courage because she wants to educate the society and bring a change in the regular practices. She has initiated towards her willingness and that shows her dedication and devotion for her ultimate goal of bringing a change. She loves life and she knows that loving life will spread happiness around her.

Team WOC wishes Tina Jain a hearty luck for all the aspiration of life. 

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