Meet Anoyara Khatun, Who Joined Bill And Melinda Gates To Help Women And Children Around The World

21 August 2017

Anoyara Khatun WOC

Our country glorifies great victories, but as every coin has two sides, our country India has a dark face where no one is spared. In the cruelty, there is God’s servant who wants to remove the dark side and wishes to make a peaceful place for you and me and the entire world.

In our today’s story, we are talking about Anoyara Khatun who joined Bill & Melinda Gates to help women and children around the world and aims at improving the lives of women and children.

Human trafficking is a dreadful sin and to bring it to an end, Anoyara had made her finest efforts.

Belonging to the Sunderbans of West Bengal, Anoyara was forced to do domestic work for another family after her father died when she was just a 5-year-old kid. At an age where kids are given toys to play, Anoyara was given a broomstick to sweep.

Today, being all grown up she wants to advocate for children’s rights. The major problem in India is trafficking in the name of labour and marriage. She herself had been trafficked and therefore she knows how it feels and how painful it is.

Their initiative Every Woman, Every Child claims to have saved the lives of millions over the past five years and continues improving the lives of young women and children.

Healthy women and children create healthy societies. And this is the aim behind the initiative.

Anoyara realised the situation for girls in her village at an age of thirteen after getting rescued and returning to her native. Girls were forced into child marriages, and still more were being trafficked to cities. All of this was happening in front of her eyes and she couldn’t do anything.

Anoyara Khatun WOC Article

She wanted to restore the gift of a childhood to young people in India who were forced into marriage or work at a young age.

And so she joined the ‘Save the Children’s Multi-Activity Centre’ almost immediately after escaping domestic slavery. Her efforts didn’t reach to as many Indian children as she had thought but she kept on working to make a real impact.

Consequently, she made groups of children in her village and started discussing the solutions to the rampant child marriage and trafficking in India. She even raised awareness about the severe issues and educated people about the dangers of the country and world.

Working with Save the Children she was able to accomplish and achieve amazing feats. So far, she has reunited 180 victims of trafficking with their families and rescued 85 children from trafficking.

Not only this, she was successful in preventing 35 child marriages and admitted 200 children into school to attain education.

This 19-year-old girl has turned into a vocal powerhouse, passionate about the girls’ right from a shy and demure girl. Her ground level work made her recognisable in the United Nations and then it was a leap to save more children.

Her efforts gave birth to rights of children. It is not only her duty but it is a duty and responsibility of every citizen of our country to bring in a global change.

Anoyara Khatun is a Woman of Courage because she had that urge to help save the childhood of young kids. She is passionate to bring in a global change and make her finest efforts to make a better place to live without any evil.



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